Chapter 6

Falling for the mean guy
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*First of all HAPPY BDAY to my sweet cutebaeksoo*

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Baekhyun let out a deep sigh sitting before Kyungsoo's apartament. How will he get inside to get his wallet? He looked everywhere and this was the place he was, it must be inside. His college ID was inside his wallet, he needs his ID to get inside the college! 

,,Stupid!" Baekhyun ruffed his hair ready to have a break down. 

Well he can try calling Jongin, that was a great idea! Jongin must know Kyungsoo's door code. 

,,Hey pup are you okay?" Jonhin answered after the first ring. It took Baekhyun by surprise actually.

,,Oh... yes hyung, I'm okay."

,,I'm a little busy now pup, I'm really sorry I'm filming something ,I'll call you back after I'm done." 

,,Sure hyung, work hard! Fighting!" Baekhyun pouted looking at his phone. Jongin only answered because he thought that he was in danger? 

Jongin is really sweet with him. Always making him feel better.

Well all he can do is try the code he knows. But Kyungsoo is smart, for sure the changed the code by now.

,,It opened!" Baekhyun mouth dropped, Kyungsoo really didn't change the code! 

,,Yes!" Baekhyun walked inside closing the door after him. He took off his shoes knowing how Kyungsoo hates when his hous gets dirty. 

,,There it is!'' Baekhyun found his lost wallet on the couch. 

He should leave fast, if Kyungsoo knows that he was there he will kill him for sure. But, maybe he should stay a little longer. 

Baekhyun sat on the couch looking around. He really loves Kyungsoo's house, it calms him down everytime he comes here he feels warm inside and calm. His eyes landed on the panoramic windows. He can see himself paint here, it's quiet and warm. The weather was gloomy, so was his mood. Is going to rain again. And he feels sleepy.


Kyungsoo won't mind if he will stay a little longer right? He won't know. Jongin told him that Kyungsoo always travels and his place is always empty, he can take a little look around now.

Don't judge, he's a curious person. 


Baekhyun slowly walked the stairs finding three doors. Two were close and one was open.

It was Kyungsoo's bedroom, last time he couldn't look because the CEO was there, but now.

,,I'm sorry Kyungsoo-shi." Baekhyun made a bow walking inside the room. 

The room was bigger than he remembers, it was simple just like Kyungsoo and it seems that the older likes dark colors. The room was painted in a dark blue, there was a huge Tv on the wall, plans down on the floor and before the windows. It seems that Kyungsoo really likes plants.

And a king size bed that looked really comfortable. There was a big privat bathroom as well and...

,,Wow, nice closet." Baekhyun's mouth dropped the second time that day when he stepped inside Kyungsoo's dresser. 

Everything was in perfect order, well he's not surprised. What surprised him was how many black clothes Kyungsoo has.

His fingers run over Kyungsoo's dress shirts. He stopped when he found a red one. It was probably the only colorful thing in that room. He took that shirt bring it up to his nose.

It smells just like Kyungsoo. Baekhyun left the dressing with that shirt in hands. 

He let out a long yawn seeing the heavy rain. You know that he hates to get wet more than anything so he can stay a little more. Snuggling with the shirt Baekhyun fall asleep.


The boy was confused and lazy when he woke up some hours ago, he looked at his phone to see the clock when he found three missed calls from Jongin and ten messages! Jongin was freaking out in each message. He called the model fast.

,,Where were you?! You have any idea how many times I called you?!" Oh Jongin was angry.

,,I'm so sorry hyung! I was sleeping and my phone was on silence, I'm really so sorry." Baekhyun felt like crying because he worried someone like this.

,,Are you okay? Wher

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