Not All Bullying Is Bullying!
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After that kiss, Seulgi knew that things between her and Irene will never be the same. For the better? For the worse? She didnt know and didn't dare to find out. She didn't assume the better option because she didn't want to get her hopes up.


Seulgi didnt know how to face Irene. Whenever Seulgi saw Irene, she would quickly scurry away in the other direction. She also stopped going to the art room. She knew if she encounters her in school, she would undoubtedly be a red mess. People would find out and people would critisize, especially Irene's four other friends.




Irene had also been working hard. She had been trying to find and catch Seulgi before the latter disappears. She wanted them to talk, to clear things up; the things that happened the other day when they kissed.


"Kang Seulgi!" Irene called but Seulgi would just run away.




In class, it was hard to talk to Seulgi. the strict teachers always had their eyes on the students and would reprimand them if any of them weren't listening. The only times Irene had freedom was during the short breaks in between lessons. 


"Kang Seulgi." Irene called out and sat on her table. 


The latter ignored her by staring at her textbook, pretending to read. Kai, who was unhappy with the disrespect, snatched Seulgi's book away and refused to give it back.


Seulgi glared at Irene. The look so full of anger that it actually made Irene flinch. Irene felt bad. 


"Give it." Irene said to Kai. "Leave us alone, we need to settle some beef." 


"Beef? You never told us." Chanyeol narrowed his eyes. 


Irene sighed. "I... I'll explain later, okay?" 


"Alright." He surrendered and the 3 boys left Irene alone. 


"I'll wait for you at the roof after school." Irene said and passed Seulgi's book back to her just as the teacher walked in. However, Seulgi never kept her word.




Irene would wait for Seulgi after school but the latter found someway to escape. Seulgi was physically fit, Irene knew that and felt that when she failed to catch up with the latter.


"Damn it... Kang... Seul... Gi..." Irene panted.




Irene would k

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