Not All Bullying Is Bullying!
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Along the hallway walked Irene and her clique. The group of 5 was infamous for their bad reputation on campus; in other worlds they were the bullies. The group consisted of jocks Kai, Chanyeol and Suho, cheerleader Yeri and the leader, also cheerleader, Irene. Their target of bullying were always the weak and vulnerable. That meant nerds, emo kids and the "misunderstood" were in the list.


Irene had one person in particular that she liked to torment, that was the art club's Kang Seulgi. Kang Seulgi was just on her way to the art room when she was stopped by a familiar but dreadful call. Along came Irene and Yeri, who stood in her path. Seulgi slightly trembled in fear and eyes her surroundings for the other 3. She registered only the two of them here, helping calm her nerves a little better.


"H-how may I help today, Irene?" Seulgi asked. Irene had previously forced her to say this phrase whenever she asked for her.


"It's lunch time and I know you always stay in the art room. Since you don't use your money, mind giving it to me?" Irene hummed.


Seulgi would usually submit but this time she didn't.


"I-I actually want to buy bread with it later..." She uttered.


"Oh? What bread?" Irene hissed with passive aggression.


"H-h-h-ham..." Seulgi trailed off.


In the end. She still had to submit her cash to the older girl. Seulgi's stomach grumbled the whole time she was drawing. She really wanted that ham sandwich this time. Not being able to bear with the gastric, Seulgi decided to sleep it away.





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