Not All Bullying Is Bullying!
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Seulgi was eating alone after school when she heard chattering.


"We're heading to the Internet cafe. See ya tomorrow princess."


"Don't call me that? And see you guys."


The owner of the voice smiled when she spotted Seulgi. She waited for her like she was told to. Irene sat at the seat opposite of her and placed a flask in front of Seulgi. She then made Seulgi go borrow a bowl and a spoon before pouring the contents out.


"Seaweed soup." Seulgi said when she got a whiff of the scent.


"I made this for you. Drink it." Irene said.


"I will right after I finish my f-"


"Drink. It." Irene repeated, this time putting an emphasis on every word.


"Yes Irene." Seulgi replied and obediently drank the soup.


Irene watched as Seulgi gulped it down, her own head tilting backwards following Seulgi.


"It's good!" Seulgi hummed with a pair of eyes that seemed to speckle.


"G-good then have more." Irene said as she tried to regain her composure.


"Irene, why did you make this for me?" Seulgi asked.


Irene flinched.


"I didn't make this for you! I happen to have left overs from the day before... it's not like I woke up early to do this! Plus... isn't today you birthday or something..." Irene lowered her voice at the very last part.


Seulgi still could hear it. She smiled.


“You always torment me but you actually know a lot about me.” Seulgi hummed.


“Bold of you to talk to me like that. Don’t forget that I would beat you up.” Ire

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