Not All Bullying Is Bullying!
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[Seulgi's House]


"Ya! Kang Seulgi! I know you're in there! Open up!" Irene pounded on her front door.


"I’m not leaving until you let me in and hear me out!" Irene threatened.


After 10 minutes of being ignored, Irene sat outside the front door. If Seulgi wanted to play the waiting game, she can too. But as the hour passed, it seemed that Seulgi was totally serious about not letting her in.


"Give up. She won't open up." A familiar voice said as she walked towards the unit.


"Council President? Why are you here?" Irene asked with sass.


"I was asked to check on her." Wendy said.


"Bold of you to come here. Did you know what happened yesterday? They, your friends, abused her. They tormented her. They used permanent marker to write indecent things on her body and till now, it cannot come off." Wendy hissed.


Irene bit her lip. She didn't know about the ‘vandalizing’ part.


"Look Wendy, I didn't order this upon her. I swear." Irene said.


"I know." Wendy replied.


"T-then why are you against me?" Irene asked. 


"I'm not. Did I tell you to stop what you are doing? I was merely enlightening you on Seulgi's condition." Wendy answered.


"Stop being cocky." Irene hissed.


"Before you go in, let me tell you that you still have a chance." Wendy said.


"Huh? What do you mean? Also, do I look like I can enter?" Irene scoffed. 


Wendy clicked her tongue. "I meant what I meant. Regarding your second question... I'm not a scholar for nothing, Irene. I know you went ahead and copy the keys you stole from Seulgi months ago."


"And you didn't report me?" Irene asked.


"Oh, I wanted to alright, trust me!" Wendy laughed. "However, I have never seen the quiet girl of our class have such a happening life."


"Are you stalking us or something?" Irene looked at Wendy in disgust. 


"No. I am just observant." Wendy said and left.




Wendy had a heart-to-heart conversation with Seulgi when she visited Seulgi's home to check on her and realised how foolishly deep in love this girl had fell for Irene. At first Wendy was trying to talk her out of her delusion, naming all the bad things that Irene had done to her. But the latter debunked all of them.


Wendy found out many things.


Irene making Seulgi stay back was a way of asking her to hang out.

Irene making Seulgi eat what she likes was to share her pleasures with her.

Irene teasing Seulgi was an excuse to get close to her and talk to her.


Irene was just a foolish student who didn't know how to express her feelings in the correct way.


"But she was the one that caused this." Wendy said, referring to the bullying. 


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