Not All Bullying Is Bullying!
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It was lunchtime. Irene and her clique were sitting at one of the school's tables and gossiping about anything under the sun. They heckled and judged almost every person that walked by, even the scary Student Council President, Wendy Son, wasn't spared.


"You guys are jerks." Wendy would always say to them.


"Hey look, it's Kang and some other loser." Yeri pointed.


They all looked over.


Irene watched as the two seem to be exchanging small talk. The boy looks flustered while Seulgi was smiling.


Irene clicked her tongue.


"Let's go have some fun." She hummed to her clique.


"Kang Seulgi!" Irene called out, causing her to jump a little.


"I-Irene..." She greeted with a bow.


Yeri and Irene dealt with Seulgi while the rest of the guys teased the boy.


"So... what lovey-dovey things did y'all talk about?" Yeri hummed.


"N-nothing..." Seulgi uttered.


Irene slammed her palm against the wall, barely missing Seulgi's cheek. "You know we hate liars."


Seulgi gulped.


"W-we were just talking... he asked if I was free next weekend..." Irene only backed away once Seulgi admitted.


"Too bad. Irene said you need to meet us to let us copy your homework. Got it?" Yeri said.


Seulgi nodded vigorously.










'Yooo, Irene. You gonna be mad to know who's messing with your pup today.' Yeri texted.


'Who?' Irene pounded on her keyboard.


'Kim Heechul. She saw your pup heading to the toilet and waited outside.' Yeri replied.


'Wait there. I'm coming over now.'


Irene faked an excuse and managed to get out of the classroom. She took larges strides in the direction of the toilet just in time to see Heechul giving Seulgi a letter. By then, Yeri had also excused herself from class and joined Irene.


Yeri looked at Irene who nodded. She went over and interrupted their moment by dragging Heechul away.


"You ing playboy. What do you think you are doing? Don't you know you can play with another other than her?" Yeri hissed.


"Who. cares." He spat.


"Irene does and she'd kill you. Everyone knows that Seulgi is Irene's property." Yer said.


"Aww, How cute." Heechul scoffed. Yeri rolled her eyes.


"I assume you had a bet to see who could get in her underwear didn't you?" Yeri hummed.


Heechul stayed quiet.


"Bingo~ Now, who did you have a bet with this time?" Yeri asked.


That day after school, Suho, Chanyeol and Kai were sent to mess them up.




Irene dragged Seulgi into the toilet and made her surrender the letter.


Seulgi did as she was told.


Irene carelessly tore it open and read the contents. Seulgi watched in amusement as her face changed from an emotionless look to that of anger and disgust. Irene then proceeded to tear the letter into pieces and flush it down the toilet.


"Don't ever talk to him. EVER." Irene warned.


Seulgi nodded.


Seulgi never knew what the contents of the letter were but she knew how huge of a playboy Heechul was. Be it a cringed confession or disturbing content, she was happy that Irene looked out for her.


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