-Secretly Dating-

Not All Bullying Is Bullying!
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Seulgi returned to school after a few days. For 2 weeks, it was peaceful because Irene's four friends were on suspension and Irene didn't bother her. However, Irene approached her one day after school and lead her to the roof where the four other members were kneeling. 


"W-what's happeneing?" Seulgi asked. 

"We are very sorry." They all said unanimously. 


"Y-you guys d-didn't have to kneel..." Seulgi uttered. 


"They did!" Irene boomed, causing the four of them to jump. "I had to beg the teachers for their education and in return they wanted them to apologise."




Irene and her friends almost had a fall out. After her outburst at the fast food restaurant, they called her out to talk. Chanyeol and Irene fought verbally pretty badly. He didn't understand why Irene cared so much about Seulgi. Yeri, Suho and Kai had to try their best to calm the both of them down.


"I am angry because I care about you guys! Have you ever thought what would happen if you guys got expelled?!" Irene snapped. 


"That has NOTHING to do with why you are protecting that nerd even after what she had done to you!" Chanyeol yelled.


"She just pushed me. Not break a bone or something! You guys went overboard!" Irene yelled back.


"God! just calm down!" Kai slammed his hands against the table and quickly sat down. "We are in public... please tone down."


Irene haven't told them about how she felt for Seulgi either. Since they were about to graduate in a few months, she decided that she will tell them on graduation day. Though Irene did not want to keep it a secret anymore, Seulgi still didn't want anyone to know. Irene respected her choices and played along. 


"Look, I am not doing this because I like her or anything." Irene lied. 


"I am doing this because, like I said, I care about you guys." That was the truth.


"If you guys were to be expelled when what would happen to me? You four are the only people i trust and can depend on... D-do you all understand?" Irene explained. She was starting to get emotional.


"Oh god, please dont cry." Yeri pleaded. She don't think she can keep her cool if her bestfriend cried.


"I-I'm n-not..." Irene sniffled and tried her best to blink the tears away.


Chanyeol sighed and leaned back down against the seat. "You win princess. I-...I'm sorry for yelling at you..."




"So from today onwards. NO MORE harsh tormenting of Seulgi. You guys hear me? Only I can touch her." Irene hissed.


They nodded.


"And Seulgi." Irene pat her shoulder casuing her flinch. 


"You have no issues with a little teasing right?" Irene whispered into her ear. 


"N-n-no!" Seulgi blurted and lowered her head to hide her pink cheeks.




[Secretly Dating]


Being in the same class was a huge benefit. Whenever they would walk past each other, the both of them would always touch pinkies.


On days where the class had to move to another block, Irene and Seulgi would be

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