-Happy Ever After-

Not All Bullying Is Bullying!
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[After School – Classroom]


Irene rushed Seulgi to pack her bags quickly. They were planning to run away from school before they needed to face Irene’s four other furious friends.


“Where do you think you are going? I-rene Bae?” Chanyeol narrowed his eyes.


Irene made a break for the other door but was unfortunately blocked by Kai. Yeri walked in with the other 3 boys following and cornered the two of them.


“You made us bully her. You gossiped about her to us. You said you hated her. What the hell is going on?” Yeri hissed.


“O-Okay… I’ll explain…” Irene grumbled.




“WHAT?!” Suho and Seulgi gasped unanimously.


“You made us bully her so you could get close to her (me)?!” Suho and Seulgi exclaimed. Irene realsied she hadn't really clearly explained to Seulgi why she bullied her so much.


“How long have you liked her (me)?!” Suho and Seulgi asked unanimously again.


“Ha.Ha…” Irene forced a chuckle. “Since the first day we targeted her?”


Yeri sighed and turned to Seulgi with her hand reached out for a handshake. “I am so sorry. Irene was the one who suggested we bully you.”


“Betrayer!” Irene hissed.


“I-It’s okay…” Seulgi uttered and hesitantly shook the latter’s hand.


“If you want we can form a pack to get back at Irene.” Kai suggested.


“Ya! Don’t plot in front of my face!” Irene whined while Seulgi forced a chuckle.


“So Irene is totally a mom. She like detergents and…” Chanyeol went off telling Seulgi about Irene and her quirks. It was revenge for Irene not telling them about the relationship and a form of apology towards Seulgi for bullying her.


Seulgi realised that Irene and her friends weren’t as scary as they seem. In all honesty, if someone actually took the time to get to know them and not judge them by their outlook, they would actually realize that they were just a group of playful misunderstood students.


In the end, all of them came to a final agreement. Since school was coming to a close in a few months, Seulgi told all of them that she didn’t want them to pick on the other students anymore in exchange for forgiveness. At first they didn’t agree but Irene managed to convince them.


“Well… I guess welcome to the club.” Yeri hummed.






“Irene! Seulgi! Want to head to Macs to have dinner together?” Yeri asked after she was done taking graduation photos with some of her other friends.


“Umm… Actually Irene and I...” “We got a date!” Irene hummed and gave Seulgi a little nudge.


Kai gave Irene a grossed out look at her aeygo.


“Come on~ We might not be able to meet together like that any more…” Chanyeol pleaded.


Irene looked at Seulgi who nodded in agreement. The both of them ended up joining them for a dinner filled with joy and laughter before separating on

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