Not All Bullying Is Bullying!
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"Okay that's it for PE today! Head to the showers to freshen up!" The teacher said.


All the students streamed into the bathroom one by one to get their reward after a hard game of handball. Seulgi was one of the last ones to get in because it was her duty to pick up the stray balls. It was gross being a second longer in her sweaty clothes but the good thing was that she wouldn't bump into Irene.


Well… Hopefully…




"Irene, you're taking so long!" Yeri complained.


Irene grit her teeth. She was wondering why Seulgi hadn’t come in yet.


"Just go for lunch first!" Irene yelled over the sound of the water.


"Okay! Do you want me to help you get food first?" Yeri asked.


"Yea, rice cakes." Irene said. “Oh! Yeri, I need you to help me with something…”


A few moments after Yeri left, Irene heard someone enter. It had to be Seulgi. The showers in school were designed to be open showers but had a cubicle space for an individual. Seulgi definitely saw Irene in the and Irene saw Seulgi.


"What are you staring at, ?" Irene hissed.


Seulgi lowered her head in embarrassment and quickly went onto a cubical at the far end. Seulgi had to admit, Irene had a nice body.




Seulgi got out and attempted to go grab her change of clothes. However when she opened her locker, her clothes were gone. She panicked. She d

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