Not All Bullying Is Bullying!
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Friday - every student's favorite day. It mean the weekend was here and they could go out and have fun. Irene was thinking just that when she approached Seulgi.


"Kang Seulgi, meet me at XX station tomorrow at 11am. Don't be late."




[School Gate]


"Irene, want to go hang on Saturday? XX club's having free flow of drinks" Yeri said.


The high schoolers were underage but frequent the club so much that the bouncer didn't bother checking their IDs anymore.


"I can't, I have plans." Irene frowned.


"Aww come on. You're the life of the party. You're a positive kind of drunk." Kai teased.


"Would love to but I need to run some errands. Maybe next weekend?" Irene suggested.


"Alright! Don't go back on your word." Chanyeol warned and Irene nodded her head with hands in the air.






Irene looked at her watch. 10:45 am. She had never cared about her punctuality when with her clique so she didn't even know why she had arrived this early.


Irene had dressed up for the occasion. She woke up early just to go to a salon to do her hair an even wore her new $300 'Not your Rose' floral dress. Irene clearly wanted to please Seulgi even if she didn't say it out loud. However, she was disappointed when she saw Seulgi. She had clearly raised her hopes too high. All the latter came in was a hoodie and swea

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