My Secret


Bae Joohyun during school,

Irene Bae after school.

This is the story of Korea's top celebrity while finishing her high school education and after her graduation. When Bae Joohyun and Kang Seulgi met, the celeb didn't know she would fall this hard for the younger girl. With the ups and downs along their paths, will Irene and Seulgi work it out in the end?




Bae Joohyun (Irene) 

Age: 21

Screen name: Irene Bae

Real name: Bae Joohyun

Irene was told to keep her identity quiet while finishing her high school degree. She also mutually agreed on that decision. Because of how evasive she was about her private life, Joohyun had the ability to use her birth name in school without being recognised.


Kang Seulgi

Age: 18

Kang Seulgi is a high school student where Irene studies. This cheery and outgoing girl loves to make friends.


Wendy Son Seungwan

Age: 18

Canadian migrant. Daughter of rich business people. She's been Seulgi's best friend since forever and swore on her life that she'll protect Seulgi like how she had protected her.


Joy Park Sooyoung

Age: 18

Irene's go to rant buddy and one of her most trusted friends. Joy, though underage, is a successful bar owner.




Supporting Characters:


Moon Byulyi

'The moon to the sun.'

Irene's close friend as well as manager


Solar Kim Youngsun

'The sun to the moon.'

SM Entertainment Vocal coach


Krystal Jung

Irene's close friend. Actress and model in SM Entertainment.


Amber Liu

Irene's close friend. Works in Joy's bar as the bar manager.









Back with another Seulrene AU because they been my ship wreckers. My writing style is my personal reading style. I prefer shirt 1-2K word chapters so that it is easier to read. Please don't come for me and my short chapters :')


Story updates everyday :) 



This story is pure fiction and the terms like the name of the drama, and events i used are fiction. 

There will be mature scenes and the mention of alcohol.



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