-Cat Out Of The Bag-

Not All Bullying Is Bullying!
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"What about we go to this newly opened Water Park this weekend?" Kai suggested.


Everyone was on with the idea except for Irene.


"Sorry, I can't make it." Irene clapped her hands together and apologized.


"Whaaaat... again? Irene Bae, that's the fourth weekend in a row you cannot go out with us." Yeri whined.


"Hey, I see you guys in school five days a week." Irene reminded.


"That's different! It's not like we spend time doing anything amazing. School is so boring..." Suho sighed.


"You can't even go on both Saturdays or Sundays?" Chanyeol asked.


"I'm really sorry, I'll make sure I make it up to you guys next time." Irene sulked.


"You always say that..." Yeri grumbled.




They five of them went on their own ways at the school gate, with Irene needing to rush home to do 'something' while the other four decided to spend their day gaming at the Internet cafe.


They were rather serious gamers and it wasn't 6 hours later that they finally took a break.


"A cup of ice coffee for the each of us." Chanyeol said as he distributed the drink.


At first they were dissing each other and the other players about their gaming skills but the conversation suddenly turned into Irene when someone said they wished they could hang out together.


"Say, do you think Irene has been going out with the hottie from a few months ago?" Yeri asked.


"Huh? But she never mentions about that person." Suho said.


"Maybe she wanted to keep it a secret? You know how rowdy the boys can get to hear that their goddess was taken." Yeri reminded.


"Well, count me out of that category." Chanyeol raised his hands. Yes Irene was pretty and all but he never understood why boys would fawn so hard over her.


"Oh? So you're one of the ladies?" Kai joked and earned himself a headlock.


Suho who had been sipping his coffee, suddenly interrupted them with an idea.


"What if we just follow Irene and find out who this person is? Of course we'd do it stealthily, if not Irene could come but us in the ." He suggested.


Yeri looked at the other two boys, whom also looked back at her. They all agreed.




Her friends were right. The truth was, Irene had actually planned to have a sleepover at Seulgi's place. That was why she couldn't go. Irene and Seulgi also agreed that each of them would plan for Saturday and Sunday respectively.


Day one of Operation Irene, the four of them wore all black and camped nearby Irene's house. They might th

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