-Perspectives; Worsts & Bests-

Not All Bullying Is Bullying!
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[Perspectives - Irene's of Seulgi]


Irene was looking through pictures she had secretly taken of Seulgi. That particular album had pictures contributed by her friends because they were all under the impression that it was to gossip about her. Irene planned and played along with it well.


Seulgi's ugly eating faces to Irene were adorable.


Seulgi with those unfitting choppy bangs to Irene were chic.


Seulgi in those nerdy oversized blouse and long skirt to Irene were conservative.


Seulgi in nerd glasses to Irene were cute.


Seulgi having an anorexic thin figure to Irene was false. She looked normal.


Seulgi being a teacher's pet to Irene, only wanted to make her her own pet.


Seulgi being pictured with other guys, Irene deleted those. Seulgi belonged to her.


"Ahhh! Why do you have to be so dear and so adorable! How am I supposed to keep my cool?! It's totally unfair!" Irene whined while rolling around in her bed.




[Perspectives - Seulgi's of Irene]


Seulgi by now had seen many different expressions Irene had in real life. However, she couldn't get enough of it. All she had to go on was only Irene's instagram, which wasn't satisfying. All of Irene's pictures were only that of skies and her smiling.


Seulgi picked up her brush and started painting with the memory of Irene blushing still in her mind. This was already the 5th portrait of Irene she was painting. Seulgi remembered Irene was sitting opposite of her with her slender fingers covering her face but eyes still peeking out. She always seemed to do that when they were together. It was adorable.

Since when did she see Irene in such a romantic way? Even she herself didn’t know.


Irene isn't that mean with her to begin with. People who didn't know Irene would think that she's just a big bully but she’s more than that. Seulgi has seen her studious side, her competitive side and her happy side. Then, Seulgi suddenly sto

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