Not All Bullying Is Bullying!
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"Kang Seulgi!" A dreadful voice called again. Seulgi quickly hid the manga she had been reading behind her back and turned to greet Irene.


"Hmm? What are you hiding behind your back?" Irene asked.


Seulgi was stunned for a moment. She couldn't tell Irene that she was reading manga. She has already been branded as a nerd. She doesn't want "otaku" to be added in her list of nicknames.


Seulgi made a swift motion, slipping the book through the waistband and held her hands out.


"I-I was reading nothing..." Seulgi uttered.


Irene wasn't that stupid to believe her words. It was an obvious lie. Whenever Seulgi lied, she would start stuttering and speaking softly. In addition to that, the latter would fidget a lot and look around more excessively.


"Liar." Irene growled and suddenly embraced Seulgi.


Seulgi froze on the spot. Never had she had someone else other than her parents get so close with her. Irene's hands s around along her and back until they touched a foreign object. She pulled it out before Seulgi could even protest and started to scheme through it.


Seulgi swore she could just die then and there. She wasn't reading just any manga. She was reading a ual lesbian manga. Her life was practically ruined.


Seulgi knew that Irene must've saw the scenes from the way her eyebrows jumped.


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