Not All Bullying Is Bullying!
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Seulgi wasn't eating bread because she was poor. In fact she was the opposite of that. With a Mother who is a banker and her Father, a businessman, Seulgi was well off. However, she was often sent to her grandmother's home, while the elderly was still alive, because of their constant traveling.


It was rare to see Seulgi in the canteen except for Wednesdays when the food store sold chicken cutlets with aromatic curry. It was a Wednesday's specialty and all the students were queuing up to buy it. Oftentimes, Seulgi would not get to eat what she loved. Today was one of those days.


In the end, Seulgi had to settle with a bowl of kimchi ramen. Unsatisfied, she poked at her food. It wasn't that she hated it. It was delicious but she was craving for the cutlet.




"Yooo!" Chanyeol hummed when a few students walked over to their table and served them the cutlets. Kai had made some students in the queue buy it for him and his friends earlier - a perk of being bullies.


"Hey isn't that Kang Seulgi?" Yeri pointed at the girl who was sitting at the far end of the canteen.


"I saw her in the queue but I Guess poor girl didn't manage to get these babies." Suho chuckled.


Irene stood up and announced that she was going to eat with Seulgi.


"Hey, you still want to ? Isn't not getting her cutlet a bad enough thing?" Yeri asked.


"Why? Got shot in the by God's arrow of sympathy?" Irene taunted.


"You know what, just go." Yeri hissed and shooed Irene away.




Irene walked towards Seulgi with her plate and demanded the latter to come with her:


"W-why? Can't we just eat in the canteen? W-we can't eat outside..." Seulgi stated, not wanting to break her clean record.


"Screw the student council! If you don't want to get beaten then follow me." Irene threatened.


Seulgi had no choice but to comply.


Irene never intended to get physically aggressive with Seulgi. She just wanted the both of them to spend quality time together. Irene lead Seulgi up to the roof, which she had access because of a forged key. Surprisingly, there w

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