Not All Bullying Is Bullying!
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"Errands, Ms. Bae?" Suho scoffed.


"We heard from a little tweety bird that our lesbian princess was out on a date with some hotty." Kai grinned.


"W-what?! No way! Who?!" Irene denied.


"W-w-w--what?!" Yeri mocked Irene. "do you hear yourself stuttering?"


"Argh... fine. No body okay, just some stranger hitting on me." Irene grumbled.


“Hmm? Not all strangers get entertained by Irene Bae.” Chanyeol narrowed his eyes.


“Like Kai said! She was hot, that was why I gave her a chance!” Irene defended.


"Well, this boy wants you to introduce her to me." Kai hummed.


Irene shot him a glare, to which he quickly took back his words.




[After School]


Irene heaved a sigh of relief. She wasn't all that worried about her dating life; it was more of whom she had gone out with. If people or her friends would've found out that she had went out with her victim, whom also happen to the be biggest nerd in the school, her image would be shattered. In times like this, Irene just wants to hurry up and graduate. Once she has left her past in this school, she was hoping to ask Seulgi out (whether Seulgi wanted it or not).


This got Irene wondering further - What was she going to do after she graduates. She was definitely going to ask Seulgi out and then maybe they could attend the same university. The thought of being with Seulgi made Irene happy but then she realised something.


"Seulgi mentioned she wanted to study in an art collage overseas didn't she?" Irene frowned, remembering what was written on the latter's future career form.


They were both already in the last year of school. Seulgi's grades were great as compared to Irene's

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