Not All Bullying Is Bullying!
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The bell rang. It was a universal signal, which everyone recognized as the end of the school day. Seulgi was included in the group of students who would go home as soon as possible. She packed her bags and was about to leave when she felt a tug.


"Where do you think you are going?" Irene asked.


Seulgi attempted to run but Chanyeol and Suho stood in her way.


"We have a lot of homework today and we need help." Suho hummed.


Seulgi was intimidated.


"B-but my handwriting is d-different." She uttered.


"No worries, no one asked you to do it for them physically. We ALL are staying back with you to copy." Irene said.


"We are?!" Chanyeol asked with brows stitched together. He wasn't so into that idea.


"Yes we are. And you have no choice but to stay too." Irene said referring to Seulgi.


Seulgi sighed. She was caught again. She reluctantly agreed.


While Seulgi solved for the answers, the boys weren't doing anything in particular. Meanwhile Irene was hunched over her phone scrolling through some site.


"I'm done." Seulgi said.


"Wow! That's our girl! As fast as ever~" Suho hummed. They quickly took pictures of all the pages before running off to the Internet cafe to meet Yeri.


Just as they left, they came back again.


"Aren't you going to go?" Suho asked.


Irene shook her head and claims that she hates the Internet cafes and that "hanging out" with Seulgi would be much more entertaining.


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