Not All Bullying Is Bullying!
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If Seulgi weren’t a nerd, she'd be popular. Her body was well proportioned; thin waist, wide hips and long legs. She was the epitome of the 21st century model and she would have had many suitors. However, one major flaw was that she didn't know how to dress.


Irene realised that when she was looking through Seulgi's closet. Other than the clothes she had bought her, the rest of Seulgi's wardrobe was plain tee shirts, sweaters and Mom jeans. Seulgi was a fashion terrorist.


"You live in a nice apartment, you have money but... gosh... All these clothes don't even flatter your body." Irene complained.


"As long as I have something to wear, I'm content." Seulgi said.


"How can you be? And you don't even have matching underwear!" Irene said in disappointment.


Irene wondered two things; why Seulgi would harm herself like that and how did she get this kind of body.


"I... I dan..." Seulgi uttered quietly.




"I da..." Seulgi did it again.


"You better speak up before I get angry." Irene growled.


"I dance..."


Irene blinked her eyes a few times, trying to process what the nerd had just said.


"I dance as a hobby... I like hip hop and strong dances." Seulgi added.


That explained it. But judging by how toned Seulgi was, she must've been hardworking in what she had been doing.


"Prove it." Irene said.


"Huh? N-now?" Seulgi gasped.


"Yes. We are in your house aren't we? No one's looking other than me so you don't have to be shy." Irene said. S

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