Not All Bullying Is Bullying!
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It was physical education period and the class was set to learn floorball today. The class was split into two teams, Seulgi o the blue team and the infamous clique in the red. That was never a good sign.


Of course, the red team led the game. Their member's were playing rough, intentionally colliding with the blue team members and tripping them over. The students did report it to the teacher but only a verbal warning was issued. They were so much of troublemakers that the teacher gave up on caring. He felt as long as there were no casualties, it was fine.


Seulgi, naturally, became one of their targets. Following instructions, Kai tripped her over with his stick while she was going for the ball.


"Ah!-" Seulgi hissed when she attempted to stand up.


The teacher stopped the whole game. He could close an eye for the pranks but not that someone was seriously hurt, he knew he had to step in.


"Class president, take her to the sickbay. You five, come with me." He bellowed.


They were punished to clean up the sports equipment room after school. Being the mastermind of this whole event, Irene was punished to send Seulgi home. On the outside, Irene was whining but on the inside, she was on cloud nine.




[Sick Bay]


Irene took a deep breath and looked at Yeri with a cute pout.


"Yeri~ pwease send Sweulgi home with me~" She said in a cute voice, or so she thought.


Yeri threw Irene's blazer against her face and made gagging sounds.


"I'm your friend but only to a certain extent. I have this event on and I need to collect the rewards." Yeri said referring to her game.


"Aww come on~" Irene whined.


"Bye Felicia." Yeri stuck her tongue out and ran off.


Irene gave her a frown until the latter disappeared down the staircase. Once the coast was clear, Irene let out a victory chuckle.


"Alone time with Seulgi~" she hummed before skipping towards the room that Seulgi was said to be at.

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