Not All Bullying Is Bullying!
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Irene got into the car and told the chauffeur to head towards her home. Her parents were coming back from their respective work today and they were finally having a family gathering.


Irene rang her sister to report that she was on her way back. However, when the call went through, she could hear shouting in the background. Her parents were quarrelling again.


"Stop the car. Drop me off here." Irene ordered.


"But Ms. the family dinner..."


"Drop me." Irene hissed and the man did as he was told.


Irene ended up walking all the way back to school sulking over how much her parents fight. She needed a platform to vent to feel better; she needed to see Seulgi.


Irene remembered that Seulgi had mentioned earlier that she'd be staying back in class to study. Irene bolted up the stairs and towards there where she saw Seulgi still there. She smiled, took a few deep breaths and entered.


Irene didn't give much care to what Seulgi was doing. She came and brushed all of Seulgi's things aside before sitting cross-legged on her table.


"I-Irene... how may I help today?" Seulgi greeted.


"I'm pissed today. Make me happy." Irene ordered. That made Seulgi confused. How was she going to please Irene?


Irene sulked more when she saw Seulgi not doing anything. She shifted closer to Seulgi and opened her legs, placing on foot on each side of her chair. Seulgi blushed as all the manga images popped up in her mind.


'Could it be that Irene want me to make her happy in ~that~ way?' Seulgi thought to herself.


"Look at me." Irene ordered and shoved Seulgi's hands away from her face.


'Oh no!... it's page 6 of volume 2!' Seulgi screamed in her head.


Seulgi closed her eyes and puckered her lips to brace for impact but after a while, nothing happened.


"Pfft..." Irene burst into laughter at Seulgi's reaction.


"You're s

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