Forever With Me
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Dear Sooyeon,

                I’m sorry I wasn’t able to say goodbye. I know I’ve hurt you, I saw the look in your eyes before you walked away from me that night. No words can explain how hurt I was as I watch you walk away from me. I badly wanted to run to you and embrace you tightly saying the words you wanted to hear but I can’t. I’m sorry for being such a coward and for choosing to remain still than to embrace you. I’m sorry believe me I am. I’m sorry for not saying this straight to your face but let this letter be the witness of my confession. I love you Sooyeon-ah. The moment I laid eyes on you I know you have captured my heart. The reason why you saw me in the garden was because I was searching for you, I was searching for this beautiful lady who captured my heart. I wanted to know you and I badly wanted you to know me. I was never a morning person but recently I love morning for I got the chance to see you and be with you. Those moments we’ve created for a short period of time, I’ll forever treasure it in my heart.

                Believe me when I say this Sooyeon-ah. I love you.

Kwon Yul



Sooyeon smiles as soon as she finished reading the letter that was left by Yul for her. That simple letter made up for all the tears she had shed that night. Yul loves her and that thought was enough to send her heart in frenzy.




Sooyeon giggles and ran to the person who just entered her room. “Miyoung-ah!”


Miyoung furrows her brows. She was clearly surprised by Sooyoen’s reaction but nonetheless, she welcomes the bear hug. “You’re awfully cheerful in the morning” she flash an eye-smile while Sooyoen drags her to her bed.


Miyoung is Sooyoen’s cousin slash best friend slash confidant. Since Sooyeon doesn’t go out that much and doesn’t know much people except the sons and daughters of her father’s associates –who happens to be not close to her –, she found a confidant in the form of her cousin. Good thing, Miyoung and her are in the same age, they have similarities with their likes and dislikes and they understand each other. Like how Yul understands her.


Sooyeon arched one of her perfect eyebrow. “You weren’t in the party last night. Where were you?” now that Sooyeon thinks about it she didn’t get to see Miyoung for a whole week.


“Umma was sick I need to take care of her” Miyoung stated. “So what happened? I heard Taewoo-oppa and his soldiers stayed here for a week”


Sooyeon beamed when she remember Yul’s letter to her. “I met him”


“Him?” Miyoung frowned. “Who’s him?”


Sooyeon bites her lower lip and handed Yul’s letter to Miyoung. Curious, Miyoung took the letter and slowly read it. At first she was frowning then slowly she was smiling, the letter was giving her a rollercoaster emotions. Miyoung squealed when she read the last words.


“Sooyeon-ah. I love you?” Miyoung smiles teasingly at her cousin while handing the letter back to the rightfully owner. “Jung Sooyeon. Spill” she demanded. “Everything”


Sooyeon smiles like a lovesick fool that she is and starts narrating everything to Miyoung, starting from the moment she laid her eyes on Yul up to the misunderstanding that happened in the garden.






“I don’t get it” Minho spoke his mind earning everyone’s attention. They have already set camp and were enjoying the warmness of the bonfire in the middle. “It’s obvious you and Sooyeon love each other. I don’t get why Emperor Jung wanted his daughter to be wedded to some other man”


Yuri remained mum while everyone’s eyes were on her. She badly wants to tell them what Taewoo told her but she can’t. He’s still her commander after all.


“That’s because love should never be in Yul’s mind and heart” Taewoo spoke causing everyone to stand up and bow to show respect. He place a hand on Yuri’s shoulder. “The only love you all should feel is the love for our country. We swore to protect this land of ours. Love could only hinder our capabilities as heroes”


“With all due respect sir” Onew spoke up. “Don’t you think if we have reason to fight it gives us a better chance in winning? I mean… for example if Yul wants to protect Lady Sooyeon he’ll do everything to eliminate possible th

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