Immortal vs Deity 2

Forever With Me
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“Jessica! Tiffany! Where are you?” Sunny calls out.

When Tiffany rush to the woods Sunny didn’t think twice and just followed Tiffany in. They need to stay together that was her plan and she’s sticking to that plan. She knew Jessica followed her so she kept her pace slow so that Jessica can keep up but when she turn around Jessica was no longer following her and Tiffany was still can’t be found.

Sunny slows down until she’s just walking but she still doesn’t hear footsteps approaching. She didn’t recall making a turn so what’s taking Jessica so long to reach her? Something doesn’t feel right. She’s been walking aimlessly for 10 minutes now and still no signs of Jessica nor Tiffany. And it feels like she’s walking in circles.


Sunny’s eyes widens. No one was there earlier but when she blinked, Sooyoung is already standing in front of her. “Sooyoung”

“You shouldn’t be here”

Sunny furrows her brows. “Who are you?”

Sooyoung sighs. “It’s me Sunny. It’s Sooyoung”

Sunny squints her eyes. It doesn’t feel right. This Sooyoung in front of her doesn’t feel right.

‘Sooyoung’ extends her hand. “Take my hand Sunny. I’ll keep you safe”

Sunny slowly lifts her hand even though her heart is telling her that something is amiss. Her hand was almost on top of ‘Sooyoung’s’ when someone’s hand held hers. She turn to her side. Sooyoung is standing beside her with a stern expression. Sunny looks in front; Sooyoung was also there. There are 2 Sooyoung. What is happening?! Then, the Sooyoung in front of her burst out in flames.

“Sooyoung” Sunny calls.

Sooyoung turns to her, her expression not changing. This Sooyoung beside her feels right, she doesn’t know how she can tell but it was her heart telling her, it was her heart noticing the difference. “Just stay still everything will pass soon”

Sunny doesn’t know what Sooyoung’s words mean but she was sure something was definitely wrong. Why was there 2 Sooyoung? And why is it still dark when there is a flame in front of her?




“Yuri I’m sorry” Taeyeon apologized before dashing away from her friend.

Yuri understood. Honestly, she would’ve forced Taeyeon to look for Tiffany if the smaller girl didn’t leave her

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Chapter 28: In this other lifetime I see Yeri mention Sunny's name. So, will I see Yulsic?
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Its bitter sweet and tragic...
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Chapter 27: There's still hope for Jessica to meet Yuri
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Chapter 1: Thanks for returning to us~ I’ll have to reread this first lol
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Chapter 26: Welcome back author! I'm really happy you can update this story.
Chapter 25: Welcome back author shi . They are so sweet have some good quality time with each other. I hope nothing bad happen to them . Thank you for the hard work author shi
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Chapter 25: Welcome back author 👍
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Chapter 25: FINALLYY!!!
Welcome back 🥺

When everything is going smoothly, there he is about to ruin everything 😡
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Chapter 25: Finally ure here😭😭😭
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Chapter 25: Finally you back author T_T