The Unknown Man

Forever With Me
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“So tell me about yourself, Taeyeon”


Taeyeon stop her ice cream and turned to Yuri surprised that the tanned girl initiated the talk breaking the silence between them. Yuri decided to skip class and Taeyeon –Yuri’s self-proclaimed bodyguard –decided to tag along. Taeyeon doesn’t want to let Yuri out of her sight especially after what happened few days ago.


“You know everything about me, I want to know something about you” Yuri reasoned out then her ice cream.


They were lazily strolling around the park when Yuri saw an ice cream truck after buying themselves one they decided to sit and appreciated the scenery. Yuri loves park, particularly this one. She goes here frequently for this place reminds her of Emperor Jung’s garden. The garden where she first get to meet Sooyeon.


“My name is Kim Taeyeon, direct descendant of Kim Taewoo. I’m currently studying at Sung University”


“I also study at Sung” Yuri mindlessly spoke.


“I know” Taeyeon smiles.


Yuri playfully squints her eyes at Taeyeon. “Stalker”


Taeyeon let out an ahjumma laugh. “I’m not a stalker, Yul. My father, my grandfather, the father of my grandfather and so on. Everyone before me we all studied at Sung University”


Yuri nods her head in understanding. “I get it. You were watching over me”


Taeyeon smiles apologetically. “I don’t want to sound like a creep but that’s the way our family had been since Taewoo. Our days were spent looking out for you, silently helping you”


“Did I gave your family a hard time?”


“No…” Taeyeon shakes her head. “Aside from helping you every time you suddenly faints we’re not much help. You were doing pretty good staying out of trouble”


Yuri nods her head, suddenly chuckling. “So that’s why I always end up in a safe place whenever I pass out”


“Our family did everything we can to help you but no one dared to approach you. I’m sorry about that” Taeyeon apologized sincerely. “Even if they don’t say it, I think they were afraid of you. I also heard about them having a hunch that you sold your soul to the devil that’s why you remain unaging after all those years”


“What about you then?” Yuri asks. “Aren’t you afraid of me?”


Taeyeon looks at Yuri straight in the eyes. “I spent the 21 years of my life watching you. And the more I watch you, the more I feel your pain. I get it, you’re tired of seeing your loved ones pass before you, that’s why I wanted to help, really help –with action and not just staying in the sideline”


For the first time, Yuri saw Taewoo in Taeyeon. The only Kim willing to take a leap and really help her. Maybe it wouldn’t hurt to open up to Taeyeon because for the first time she can feel it, she can feel that she would not see Taeyeon die before her. Not this time.


“How about you?”


Yuri furrows her brows. “What about me?”


Taeyeon shrugs. “How does you immortality works? I mean do you have super powers?”


“No Taeyeon” Yuri laughed. “I don’t have superpowers. Other than I don’t age and I don’t die I’m pretty much human like you”


Taeyeon made on ‘o’ expression, nodding her head in understanding. “So when I stab you–?”


“Stab me, shoot me it’s just the same. I’ll just bleed but after a good nap. I’m good as new” Yuri answered honestly. “I bleed, I’ll feel the pain of dying but I won’t die. I’ll just sleep it off and when I wake up it will look like nothing happened”


Taeyeon nods her head in understanding. “I assumed you have tried everything?”


Yuri nods her head. “Jumped out of a building, stab myself, blew my brains, burn myself, drink poison” she sadly sighs. “I’m still in front of you”


“Have you tried a different approach?”


“Taeyeon I’m over 900 years old, I’ve already tried everything. Nothing works”


Taeyeon leaned back on her seat and rubbed her temples. “So if ever we find Sooyeon, what then?”


Yuri shrugs. “Haven’t figure that one out”


Taeyeon sighs. How can she help Yuri when Yuri, herself, doesn’t know how her immortality works? “How about weakness? Don’t you have one?”


Yuri shrugs. “I don’t think I have one…” her hand unconsciously rubs her wound. “Wait…” she slowly s her shirt.


“Yah! What are you doing?!” Taeyeon panics and immediately stops Yuri.


“Don’t be a ert. I’ll just show you something”


Taeyeon blush. “No offense Yul but you’re not my type. Sorry”


Yuri’s expression was a mixture of confusion, amused and disgusted. She pinched the bridge of her nose to stop herself from smacking the living daylights out of Taeyeon. “I’ll just show you my wound, ert”


Taeyeon made an ‘o’ expression before chuckling shyly. “You should’ve said so”


Yuri rolled her eyes and the upper two buttons of her plaid shirt. She pulled the left part of her shirt to show Taeyeon her wounds. Taeyeon furrowed her brows, Yuri’s wounds looks fresh like she just got stabbed yesterday. There were black lines around the wound.


“Venom” Taeyeon mutters while she trace the lines with her index finger.


Yuri nods her head and button her shirt back. “This was the reason why I died. Well almost died. An enemy arrowed pierced me straight in the heart. And the tip was dipped in a venom, typical war move back in the days”



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