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Forever With Me
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Yuri, clad in only a sweat pants and bra, stood in front of a full length mirror. Her eyes staring at the large square gauze at the right side of her lower abdomen. She had already checked herself out from the hospital because for an immortal like her, staying in the hospital for too long would only cause chaos, plus she knows her wound had already healed. She bet, behind that gauze, her wound had already turned into a scar.


“Is still there a part of your body that doesn’t have scars?”


Yuri looked at Taeyeon thru the mirror. “There isn’t”


Taeyeon crossed her arms in front of her chest and lean on the door frame. “That’s not attractive you know”


Yuri shrugs. “Some find them attractive. Why are you here?”


“I knocked. No one answered I thought something happened to you so I let myself in” Taeyeon pulled out a familiar device out from her pocket. “You forgot your phone”


Yuri nods her head then return her attention back to her wound. Her left hand hovered over the gauze and slowly peeled the tape off, finally exposing her wound. She sighs dejectedly.


“Not even a small scar eh?”


Yuri stays mum. She should know that blades, knives, swords or anything sharp leaves more scars than bullets. A part of her wished to have a wound, a scar, a something –anything that will tell her that she’s slowly turning into a mortal but sadly what greeted her is nothing but a smooth tanned skin like she was never been shot.


Yuri gritted her teeth and punched the mirror shattering it into pieces. Taeyeon can only look away. She feels Yuri’s frustration, Yuri found Jessica, she got shot in front of Jessica, and she almost died in Jessica’s presence. Jessica –Sooyeon’s reincarnation –her so-called ticket to being mortal again, or atleast that is what she thought.


“Yul” Taeyeon placed a hand on Yuri’s shoulder. “Don’t you think it’s time to give up trying to kill yourself and just live?”


Yuri stays mum and just stares at her bloodied hand. For an immortal, she sure bleed too much.


Taeyeon held up Yuri’s uninjured hand and placed the phone in Yuri’s palm. The screen shows Jessica calling… Yuri looked at Taeyeon –who is just smiling at her –thru the mirror. “Get to know her and maybe she will give you a reason to live”










Jessica immediately opens her eyes and jumped out of her bed. She took out a bat from inside her closet and cautiously makes her way out of her room. Burglary is a serious crime and she doesn’t their house to be the next target, not on her watch.


Another crash. Jessica shakes her head. This burglars sure knows how to be less discreet.


The only light opened was coming from the storage room to which Jessica assumed where the burglars are. She was waiting outside, just near the door when she saw a shadow of a man slowly approaching the door, causing her to grip tightly onto her bat. Her heart is banging against her chest while she hears footsteps approaching. She needs to wait for the right time to strike. She only has one shot, most burglars are men, and it’s a man, then Jessica needs to surprise him to give her an advantage. Jessica counted inside her, and as soon as she reached three…


“Yah!” Jessica swings the bat, successfully hitting her father straight in the stomach. “Dad!”


Rain automatically fell back, letting go of the box he was holding to cradle his aching stomach.


“Oh my god Daddy! I’m so sorry!” Jessica immediately let go of the bat to aide her father.


“What’s going on here?” Taehee asks worriedly when she saw her husband down on the floor, writhing in pain and her daughter close to crying.


“I thought he was a burglar, Mom” Jessica answers honestly.


Taehee can’t help but laugh. Rain was being too noisy while cleaning the storage room which happens to next to Jessica’s room, successfully disturbing their precious daughter’s nap. And Jessica, might’ve mistaken 7pm to 5am thus her reaction.


“Seriously Dad, who would clean the storage room this very early?” Jessica asks grumpily. It’s safe to say that the princess didn’t woke up in the right side of the bed.


Rain arched his brows while Taehee laughed out loud. Her suspicions was right. “Jessi its 7 in the evening, what are you saying?”


Jessica’s expression softens. forming an O shape. “Ohh. I thought it’s already morning”


“Aigoo my princess” Taehee rubs her daughter’s hair affectionately while she ushers Jessica back to her room. “Dad disturbed your nap. It’s fine, there are no burglars. You can go back to sleep now” she smiles.


Jessica smiles back, her eyelids starting to become heavy once again. She regretted watching the news before she took her nap but now, seeing her mother’s soft features put her mind and heart at ease. Taehee tucks her daughter back to bed, humming soft tunes to lull Jessica back to dreamland. Jessica might be a 21 year old woman but to her mother, she will always be the baby princess. Taehee leaned in and gave Jessica a kiss on her forehead.


“Well that was an eventful 20mins” Rain crossed his arms in front of his chest while he leans on Jessica’s doorframe. His stomach is still aching but he can bare it.


“Well it was your fault, you were being noisy” Taehee countered without taking her eyes off of Jessica.


It was but Rain will never admit it. “Why was she holding a bat anyway? And what does she think I am? A burglar?”

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