The Lock

Forever With Me
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15 years old Taewoo let out a yawn. It was still early but their fruit stall has already been setup. After all, he lives by his father’s philosophy: “early bird catches the worm”. The early they sell their fruits, the early they can go home. But early to rise also means he’s bound to fall asleep while looking out for his fruits.


Taewoo shrugs. “I’ll just rest my eyes” so he sat on the stool, crossed his arms in front of his chest before closing his eyes.


It was still early, less people in the market, less guards, and less maid. Lady Aeri covered her head with a cloth, hoping it was enough to cover her identity. As soon as she arrive home, she wanted nothing more than to explore and leave the palace but her cousin, the Emperor, had been paranoid lately ordering the royal family not to leave the palace without guards.


For Lady Aeri who enjoys her freedom, the palace is boring the heck out of her, so this was her last resort. Sneak out of the palace. It was still early, and she plans to return before everyone else wakes up. No one will even know she left. Fixing the cloth in her head, Lady Aeri silently leaves her room and the palace.


Lady Aeri smiles as soon as she arrives in the market. It’s not as busy during late morning but some merchants were already setting up their stalls, getting ready for the morning. She admire these people, waking up early, spending the rest of their day under the blazing sun selling their items. She was enjoying her leisure walk when someone caught her attention.


“Hey…” Aeri approached the crying girl. She assumes the girl to be 3-4years old. “Why are you crying?”


The little girl stop crying when she saw how beautiful the girl was. “I lost umma” she manage to utter between sniffs.


Aeri smiles. “Why don’t I accompany you in searching for your umma?”


The little girl smiles. “Beautiful unnie will accompany me?”


Aeri smiles at how the little girl addressed her. “I will. What’s your name?”


“Ji Yool”


“Come…” Aeri extends her hand and Ji Yool gladly hold unto them. “Let’s look for your umma”


20mins into walking, Ji Yool abruptly stop causing Aeri to stop as well.


“What’s wrong?” Aeri asks worriedly.


“Unnie I’m hungry” Ji Yool complains while rubbing her stomach.


“Oh…” Aeri looks up. She saw a bread stall behind her. Without thought, she took one load of bread and gave it to Ji Yool. “Here”


Ji Yool hesitated to take it but her stomach is already grumbling and she’s really hungry. So she took it and happily munch on the bread. The owner of the stall watch in amazement, his arms crossed in front of his chest. He watch while the little girl finished his bread.


When Ji Yool was done eating she flashed a big grin to Aeri. “Thank you beautiful unnie”


Aeri smiles back. “Alright, now let’s go find your umma”


“Oh no you won’t!” They were about to walk off but a hand quickly grabbed onto Aeri’s free arm causing them both to stop. “You don’t go taking bread from stall without paying them!” the owner hissed. “That’s stealing!”


“O-oh!” Aeri touched her pockets. She cursed when she remembers she has nothing on her. She left her purse on her drawer. “I-I’m sorry. I left my purse at the palace”


The owner laughed manically before exposing his knife. “The palace? Don’t be ridiculous! Now pay up before I cut your hand for stealing!”


Ji Yool hid behind Aeri, obviously scared at the man with the knife.


“Sir I’m serious… if you could just let me…” Aeri struggles at the man’s hold because it’s getting painfully tighter.


The little commotion woke Taewoo up and it made him curious. He stood up and approached the scene. The man is holding tightly unto a woman. He lift his hand ready to strike and Taewoo noticed a knife. He quickly acted on instinct stomping on the man’s foot causing him to let the knife go. Taewoo then elbowed the man to the face knocking him out in one hit. He look back wanting to ask the woman if she was okay but as soon as he turn around royal guards quickly pinned him down on the dirty ground.


“Stop!” And the royal guards obeyed, pulling Taewoo to stand up but as soon as he got his footing, they hit him in the back of his knee causing him to kneel. “Let him go. He’s the one who harmed me”


The royal guards left Taewoo’s side and took the knocked out man, dragging him away.


“Lady Aeri we need to go” one of the guards remained, to protect her.


Aeri lift her hand and the guard immediately zip his lips. “Rise…” Taewoo swallowed the lump on his throat then obeyed. He stood up but his head remained bowed. “Who are you?”


“Kim…” Taewoo coughed. “Kim Taewoo your highness”


“Take the little girl and bring her back to her family safely” Aeri ordered. The last royal guard left bowed then escorted the little girl leaving Taewoo and Aeri alone. “Come with me”


Aeri spoke with so much authority leaving Taewoo no other choice but to comply. He followed Aeri inside the palace straight into the Emperor. Taewoo immediately bowed, letting his head kiss the cold marbled floor of the palace.


“I heard you sneak out again dear cousin” the Emperor started. “Are you here to tell me what happened?”


“I was attacked earlier” Aeri narrated. “But this boy saved me. I want him to become my personal guard”


Taewoo look up to Aeri clearly surprised.


“Rise boy…” the Emperor commanded.


Taewoo slowly stood up, his head still lowered avoiding eye-contact with anyone inside the palace especially the emperor and Lady Aeri.


The emperor stood up from his throne and circled around the skinny 15 years old Taewoo, eyeing him up and down. “What’s your name boy?”


“Kim Taewoo your highness”


“I heard the man was twice your size boy” the emperor stated when he stop in front of Taewoo. “But you were able to knock him out with one blow” he smiles. “Well you heard my cousin. She wants you to be her personal guard”


Taewoo finally look up, staring back and forth between the Emperor and Lady Aeri. “I would love to”


Taewoo’s answers brought smile to Aeri’s lips.


“Well then Kim Taewoo starting tomorrow you will start your training” the Emperor had to burst Taewoo’s bubble. “You’re too skinny to be my cousin’s personal guard. I want you to train, buff out so that you will be able to protect Aeri”


Taewoo nods his head with pure determination. “I will try my very best your highness”


And best is what Taewoo gave, he spend his days training and gaining muscles. He grew tall and he buffed out. In no time, he was taller than the emperor himself. The emperor was there every day watching Taewoo’s progress, feeling proud at the man he had become. Taewoo trained for 3 years, on his 18th birthday he was announced as Lady Aeri’s personal guard which brought happiness to the both of them.


Being Lady Aeri’s personal guard means everywhere the Lady went Taewoo has to follow, protecting her with all his life and Taewoo couldn’t be more happy, spending days with the woman so stole hi

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