Jessica and Sooyeon

Forever With Me
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The gang decided to hang out at a café for no reason. They just want to hang out like normal group of friends. Plus, the semester has ended. The students –minus Sooyoung –are officially on vacation. They wanted to be out with their girlfriends and friends since they’ve all been stuck inside their rooms or the library to study.




Jessica looked up from her book then gave Sooyoung a warm smile.


The deity just arrived; Taeyeon, Tiffany, Sunny and Yuri were at the counter getting their orders.


Sunny is ordering for herself and Sooyoung while Yuri is for Jessica and Yuri herself. Jessica doesn’t know why Taeyeon and Tiffany still insist on going with them since they can just ask Sunny or Yuri to order for them.


Oh right! Tiffany wanted a “triple venti half sweet non-fat caramel macchiato with chocolate drizzle” whatever the hell that is.


“What’s this?” Jessica stares at the item on top of Sooyoung’s hand that is extended towards her.


 Sooyoung smiles. “It’s a pocket watch”


Unsure, but Jessica still took the watch. She furrows her brows then opens the cover. She looks at Sooyoung questioningly. “It doesn’t work”


“That’s a special watch and I feel like giving it to you”




Sooyoung shrugs. “I just feel like it”


Sooyoung doesn’t want to tell. She doesn’t want to be the bearer of bad news, especially now that Jessica’s relationship with Yuri is starting to become better. But their time is almost up, and Sooyoung can feel it.




Sooyoung smiles, the venom in those simple words is very palpable.


Yuri stood beside Jessica, her arm automatically wrapped around Jessica’s shoulders.


Jessica chuckles at the possessiveness, her hand reaching up to hold Yuri’s hand hoping that will calm her girlfriend.


“I just went to the counter for a minute and you’re already giving gifts to my girlfriend?”


“What’s going on here?” Sunny arrived with a tray in hand.


Sooyoung helps Sunny.


“Sunny your girlfriend is giving MY girlfriend a gift” Yuri made sure to give emphasis on ‘my’.


Sunny ignores the fact that Yuri addresses Sooyoung as her girlfriend even though they are not.


It was childish of Yuri but at the same time entertaining. Sunny and Jessica laughed causing Yuri to pout. Sooyoung shakes her head, a 945-year-old immortal is pouting. It’s gross.


“Yul, Sooyoung can give gifts. We’re all friends, right?” Sunny smiles at Sooyoung.


“You know I admire Sunny. She’s the trusting type” Taeyeon arrives, taking the seat beside Yuri. “Not easily jealous”


Tiffany fakes a gasp. “Kim Taeyeon are you telling our friends that I don’t trust you?!”


And the bickering starts between Taeyeon and Tiffany causing laughter from their friends.


Sooyoung just smiles. She’s not even listening but she’s observing. She doesn’t want

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