The Revelation

Forever With Me
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Taeyeon didn’t waste time telling Tiffany the truth. Of course at first, Tiffany didn’t believe her. The younger girl even accused Taeyeon of being a drug addict due to the outrageousness of her stories, but then again what was the more sane explanation for that night? It took Tiffany almost a week to take in Taeyeon’s outrageous story. She still didn’t believe but she’s willing to listen.

Taeyeon, on the other hand, was patient enough to wait for Tiffany to come around. But that few days was pure torture in Sooyoung’s part because she’s the one receiving Taeyeon’s endless whines and breakdowns. Good thing it wasn’t as frequent since they were too busy taking care of Yuri. Yuri kept hogging Taeyeon’s attention making the pale girl forget about Tiffany momentarily.

Tiffany did say she’s willing to listen, so now here they are inside Taeyeon’s study room. Tiffany sits patiently while Tayeon search for something. Taeyeon took out a familiar canvas from her hidden shelf then gave it to Tiffany. Though unsure, Tiffany took the canvas. She carefully unrolls it to expose the sketch. Her eyes grew and agape.

It was a painting of her. No that’s not her, the canvas was too old she would’ve been hundred years old by now if that was her. Why was the woman in the painting looks exactly like her? And why does Taeyeon owns this? If that’s her ancestor—because she looks a lot like her— isn’t that painting supposed to be in their family’s possession?

“Who is this and why does she look like me?”

Taeyeon inhaled deeply. “Her name is Hwang Miyoung”




Yuri’s eyelids slowly flutters open. She recognized the color of the wall and the furniture. She’s in Taeyeon’s room.

“Good morning”

Yuri turn to her side. Sooyoung is sitting comfortably on the couch, legs crossed while reading a book. She groans and slowly sits up, leaning her back on the bed frame. “How long was I out?”

“A week” Sooyoung close the book then she stood up. “Prepare yourself”

Yuri understood what Sooyoung meant. There’s no use hiding it, there’s no use making an excuse about the things they saw. It’s time to reveal the truth, she deserves to know. Sooyoung walked out of the room, couple of minutes later the door slowly opens and Jessica walked inside.

Yuri keep her eyes on Jessica from the moment she entered the room until she took a sit on the chair beside the bed. She notice that Jessica had her head bowed down, she refrain herself from making eye contact with Yuri. The tanned girl sighs.

One, two, three minutes are passing by but no one wants the break the silence.

“Your silence is killing me” Yuri bluntly speaks out. Her voice was soft as ever.

Jessica finally look up their eyes meeting. “What are you?”

Yuri doesn’t know if she should get hurt by that question but then again she’s considered a ‘what’ not a ‘who’. “I’m a 945 year old immortal”


Yuri nods her head. “I’ve been alive since longer than I can remember”

“How did you–” Jessica’s frail voice vanish. She doesn’t know if she wants to know but then again she needs to know.

“How did I become an immortal?” Yuri sighs then started narrating everything. She didn’t leave any details, Sooyeon, Sooyoung, Jaejoong and Kangin.

Yuri told Jessica everything because the latter deserves to know. Jessica did tell Yuri that she doesn’t mind getting up into her complicated life. Yuri did said that she was going to make it right with Jessica. No more secrets, no more lies. And if after this, Jessica decides that she doesn’t want to be with Yuri then the tanned girl would understand but if Jessica decides to stay then she’ll do everything she can to keep Jessica.

“So, Sooyoung is a deity. Kangin is the devil and the man who stabbed you is what?” Jessica recaps.

“I don’t know yet” Yuri answers truthfully. “I think he’s a deity like Sooyoung but I’m still unsure”

Jessica nods her head. All this information and her brain is overloading giving her a headache. “So you’re an immortal who sold her soul to Sooyoung so that you can have a second chance with Sooyeon?”

Jessica doesn’t know why her heart ache after learning the truth. Talk about extreme loyalty. Yuri didn’t find another love for the next 945 years and remained loyal to her first love, Sooyeon. Now, Jessica is starting to feel insecure. How can she compete with a first love? And a connection so strong that it took Yuri 945 years to move on.

A hand on her chin forced Jessica to look up. Her eyes landed on Yuri’s piercing dark orbs. “Sooyeon was my past that will never return. You are my present, now. Please don’t over think. Just know that I like you, very much”

Jessica smiles then slowly nods her head. She stood by her decision, she still wants to get into Yuri’s complicated life as long as she gets to be with Yuri. Jessica caught a glimpse of Yuri’s body because the robe the tanned girl was wearing opened a little exposing some of Yuri’s scars.

Jessica move the robe off of Yuri’s shoulders. She didn’t know where she got the courage but her hands were already moving and it was too late to stop now. Plus Yuri is letting her be and that fueled her to continue. The robe slides off of Yuri’s shoulders straight to the bed, Yuri sat there her glorious body exposed for Jessica to see. There are plenty of scars around Yuri’s body and Jessica traced them with her fingers.

Jessica’s hand landed on Yuri’s abdomen. The spot where Yuri got shot when she saved her, there was nothing there. Not even a trace of a gunshot wound then her hand lift up the bandaged scar, the most recent, the place where the sword exited, it was sitting in the middle of Yuri’s chest.

Carefully, Jessica peeled the bandage away; a fresh scar greeted her. Yuri got skewered by a sword, a fatal wound that can leave a normal being dead in minutes but the tanned girl only got a scar. Jessica is convince that Yuri is telling the truth, that she’s an immortal.

Yuri let Jessica ran her hands all over her while she just watch. She noticed how Jessica’s expression will change every time her hands would come across a scar that w

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