In the Next Lifetime…

Forever With Me
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Yuri furrows her brows then looks at Sooyoung curiously. “A sword… pin?”


Sooyoung smiles. “Remember when I can’t get to you?” Yuri nods. “I know you can’t be killed but something to defend yourself just until I come to you”


Yuri scans the small pin, brows still furrowed. “How can I defend myself with this small pin?”


“Just swing it” Sooyoung chuckles. “But hold it firmly, we don’t want you throwing a sword at some mortal”





Yuri did not forget to hold the pin tightly then swung it with all her might.


The pin returned to its original size and she was able to successfully block Jaejoong’s scythe.


Yuri doesn’t know if this should scare her. Sooyoung being prepared for ‘something like this’ made her think, ‘does Sooyoung know more than she’s letting everyone know?’


But she’ll think about that later, for now there’s a more important matter at hand.


Metals smashing against each other and mirrors breaking were the sounds Jessica constantly hears. She doesn’t know why nobody is coming in to check up on them when Jaejoong and Yuri are being loud with their squabble.


Jessica looks around, thinking of anything to do to help Yuri. She can’t just stay still and watch while Yuri fights off a deity. A deity… Sooyoung! She frantically searches for the exit. She knows she doesn’t have a connection with Sooyoung like Yuri does, so she needs to actually yell the deity’s name for her to come to her aid.


But where is the exit?!


“Eyes on me Kwon!” Jaejoong hissed then their weapons clashed and they were within earshot. He noticed how Yuri keeps looking back at Jessica, as if checking the girl. “Don’t worry your pretty little head. I won’t hurt the only person who can kill you”


Yuri pushed him back. “What?”


“I’m not stupid, Kwon. I know a lot of things” Jaejoong smirks. “I also know that she’s also the only one who can kill both you and me”


Yuri clenched her jaw. All the more reason to keep Jessica safe, her eyes darted towards the girl. Her hopes of Sooyoung getting to them went down the drain the moment she saw him. She knows he put up a barrier again, a spell that will block Sooyoung out, that will prevent Sooyoung from locating them or even getting to them.


Jessica needs to get out of here. Jessica needs to find Sooyoung. Jessica needs to be safe. But how can Jessica do that?


“Come on, Yuri” Jaejoong egged. “Dance with me. Show me why you’re better than me” he grits his teeth and stares angrily at Yuri.


Yuri stares at him, mind working on overdrive on how will she be able to get rid of Jaejoong when only Jessica can do it.








Sunny and Sooyoung meet up with Tiffany and Taeyeon.


“Are you sure?” Taeyeon immediately asks Sooyoung.


Sooyoung nods. “I can’t get to Yuri. It’s like–” realization hit her like a speeding train.


“That night at the forest” Taeyeon finished for her. She sighs. “But where will we find them? The amusement park is too big”


“Do we have a map of the amusement park?” Tiffany asks.


Sunny steps up and takes out the map from her jean’s pocket then unfolds it.


Tiffany took out an eyebrow pencil from her purse. “We have to narrow down out searches. Let’s start with…” she started putting marks on the map. “The places Tae-tae and I went to. What about you two?”


“Just the Ferris Wheel” Sunny answers.


“I think we should cross out all the rides” Taeyeon suggested, which earned a nod from the rest.


“So that leaves us with…” Tiffany holds the map up. “Indoor attractions, house of horror and mirror maze”


“We’ll take the indoor attractions” Taeyeon said. “Tiffany and I”


“I’ll take the house of horror” Sunny volunteered.


“Then I’ll check the mirror maze” Sooyoung nods.


“We’ll meet back here in half an hour. Is that enough?” Taeyeon asks. Everyone nods. “And whoever isn’t going to show up after half an hour we’ll assume you found them so we’ll come to you”


Everyone left the spot to go to their designated place.


Sooyoung closes her eyes then when she opens it, she’s already in front of the mirror maze. She grits her teeth. “Kangin”


Kangin smiles. “Hello old friend”


Sooyoung knows she’s in the right place, because why else would Kangin be standing like he’s guarding the door. “I’ll assume I came to the right place”


“Stop” Sooyoung took a step forward only to be thrown three steps back when Kangin lifted his hand. “The time has come to put an end to everyone’s misery”


Sooyoung grits her teeth. She knows that but she won’t sit back and just watch. She’ll fight and doesn’t care if she’s facing a deity or the most powerful being, she will do everything in her power to protect her family.


Kangin shakes his head when Sooyoung decides to be stubborn. “Sooyoung I’m asking you nicely, for old time sakes” but his words fell on dead ears as Sooyoung continued to approach him.


Kangin sighs, crosses his arms in front of his chest.


Sooyoung grunts as harsh blows directly at her pushing her back. She uses her arms to cover her face and, with slow steps, still moves forward. The more she advances, the harsher the wind blows that she can feel it slicing through her skin. 


Kangin just watches while Sooyoung braves his powers, watches as layers of Sooyoung’s skin peels off.


Mortals, in their most vulnerable state, are easy to read and to manipulate but it’s a different story when they’re heart is strong.


Kangin truthfully doesn’t think of Sooyoung as a friend, she’s more of a daughter for him than a friend. A father who doesn’t know how to deal with his child so he just watches from afar, watch her suffer, watch her take on the world on her own, watch her grow and become a deity that he made her to be.


A deity isn’t measured by powers, how strong you are or how long you’ve been alive. A deity needs to have a purpose, and Sooyoung found hers –to protect her family. With that, she surpasses him in all aspects.


A made-deity surpassing a real deity?


All the more reason why Kangin is convinced that Sooyoung must go.


Sooyoung drops on her knees in front of Kangin. The skin on her arms are completely torn off exposing the muscles underneath. She won’t heal easily since the person who inflicted the damage is a higher-class deity.


“Isn’t this what you wanted? To finally leave and pass on?” Kangin looks down on Sooyoung. He refuses to believe that she surpasses him when he’s a lot stronger than her. He’

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