Meeting Her

Forever With Me
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A hero’s welcome is what greeted them as soon as they enter the emperor’s town. Flowers were being thrown at them, confetti, and fireworks everywhere; anything to please the brave heroes of the war. Yuri, who is riding a stallion, can’t help but feel conscious because everywhere she looks women were giving her flirty smiles and flying kisses. In front of her is their commander whose expression remains stoic. And beside her were the other comrades, also in their respective stallions, waving and flashing their smiles to the lovely ladies.


“Oh I love our work” Onew spoke as he waves to the pretty ladies. “Yul! I see nice ladies smiling at you”


Yuri just chuckles. “I see more smiling at you, Onew”


They saw ladies fainting and they didn’t know if it was because of Yuri’s chuckles or the other soldiers’ smiles. Yuri was never fond of attention. Back in their hometown, she gets uncomfortable whenever old ladies swarm her and tells her how handsome she is. Or whenever ladies –or men –her age gives her smiles and winks like what’s happening right now.


“Loosen up Yul!” Minho, the man on Yuri’s right elbows her in the arm. “You will never know when you will get this lucky”


Yuri forced a laugh and shakes her head. Men sometimes can be erted.


“Yul-ah” Key, the person on her other left called her. “No one got your attention?”


“No one” Yuri answers in all honesty.


“Eyyyy~ why are you so picky?” Minho spoke. “I see more ladies” he smiles and winks at them.


“They aren’t pretty enough” Yuri shrugs.


“You have high standards you know that” Key pointed out while he waves and smiles left to right.


Yuri did have a high standards. Back in her hometown whenever some man will ask permission to court her she will plainly blurt out no; she never like average man. No man had ever caught her attention maybe that’s the reason why her father will always tell her to look for girls instead. And right now, no girls caught her attention.


Except for this beautiful brunette, standing at the top of the high staircase, beside the emperor. Yuri swallowed the lump on . She can’t keep her eyes off of her especially now that they’re sharing an eye contact. Her beauty is out of this world, almost incomparable. Her beauty match closely to Goddess of Beauty herself. Taewoo stop causing them to stop as well. All of them hopped down from their horses and that was the only time Yuri broke her eye contact with the brunette.


“Emperor Jung” Taewoo bows.


Yuri along with the other soldiers bowed 90o to show respect for the emperor.


“Taewoo, my friend!” Emperor Jung quickly approached Taewoo and hugged him surprising the commander. “A friend of mine doesn’t need to bow down to me” he looked at the soldiers behind his friend. “So are the heroes”


The soldiers slowly straightens themselves to make their selves presentable in front of the emperor. Yuri turned to where the beautiful brunette was standing earlier only t

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