Forever With Me
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Taehee opened the door to her daughter’s room; a lump on the bed immediately greeted her. Jessica is facing the window, her back facing her mother. Taehee approaches Jessica’s bed then sits on the edge.


It’s been a week since Jessica stopped going out of the house. Taeyeon and Tiffany would come and visit her then try to persuade the girl into watching a movie or just hanging out, but her daughter would almost immediately reject them. She’s worried for her daughter but at the same time she understands her, only time can heal a wounded heart.


Taehee lovingly Jessica’s hair. “Honey breakfast is ready. Come down if you feel like it” she leans down to press her lips on Jessica’s crown. “We’re here for you”


Jessica sighs as soon as her mother leaves her room.


Since that day, she can never sleep for more than an hour, anything longer than that would earn her a trip to nightmare-ville and she doesn’t want that, she doesn’t want her parents losing their precious sleep to tend to her because she would be screaming and crying in the middle of the night. For god sakes she’s a 22 year old woman! She’s not a kid anymore who needs her parents’ lullaby to sleep.


Jessica’s sight landed on the pocket watch Sooyoung gave her before her world darkened. She slowly stood up then approached her wooden oak table. She took the watch then walked back to her bed. She opened the pocket watch, it still wasn’t moving. Using her thumb, Jessica caresses the pocket watch mindlessly, her mind going off to somewhere. Why would Sooyoung give her a not working pocket watch? Does this pocket watch have powers or something?




Jessica’s mind drifted off to Yuri, their memories. Their first kiss, their first time making love, Yuri’s hug, smile, laugh. A lone tear escaped from Jessica’s eyes straight into the watch, the teardrop smeared all over the watch because her thumb never stopped caressing.


The watch illuminated in Jessica’s hand, successfully getting her attention. She looks do

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