Meeting Her Again

Forever With Me
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Yuri had her eyes closed and enjoying the ray of sun hitting her tanned skin. It feels nice to be alive then she frowned, she’s been alive for too long; to say that she’s tired is an understatement. She really want to end her misery and just rest. But first she needs to figure out how her curse will end.




Yuri slowly opens her eyes and turns to Taeyeon. The latter showed the scroll in her hand. Yuri answered by furrowing her brows but nonetheless she went back inside Kim family’s study room. Taeyeon unrolls the scroll on top of the table for Yuri to see.


Yuri, who is standing beside Taeyeon stared at the sketch in front of her. “Who is she?”


“You don’t know her?”


Yuri shakes her head. “I don’t recall seeing a face like that but if I did would remember. She’s as beautiful as Sooyeon”


Taeyeon nods her head, with a smile on her face. She had memorize the sketch for she had been taking glimpse of it from time to time. She doesn’t know why but it was her heart telling her to look, like her heart is infatuated. “Her name is Miyoung, Sooyeon’s cousin/ best friend/ confidant”


Yuri nods her head in understanding. “Why suddenly bring her up?”


“I don’t know what Sooyeon looks like but I know what Miyoung looks like” Taeyeon turns to Yuri. “If Miyoung is that important to Sooyeon’s life, I’m pretty sure they will find each other like magnets. She’s my ticket to finding Sooyeon”


“How sure are you that they know each other in this lifetime?”


Taeyeon shrugs. “I’m not sure. But I’ll take my chance on her. If I ever I see her I’ll let you know”


Yuri nods her head. Taeyeon’s eyes grew because Yuri enveloped her in hug; she smiles and pats Yuri’s back. “Thank you Taeyeon. Seriously thank you”


Taeyeon is still smiling even if Yuri had already pulls away. “Even if to you I’m just your ally to me you’re a friend. And friends help each other, whatever it takes”


Yuri smiles. Maybe there’s nothing wrong with opening up to Taeyeon. Maybe this is the right time to make friends again. So Yuri stretched out her hand. Taeyeon looks at Yuri’s hand, puzzled.




Taeyeon smiles and took the hand. “Friends”








Jessica is really fond of reading, if she happens to like the book’s plot; she’ll seriously get hooked and not notice the time ticking away. Like now, if it wasn’t for the waiter telling her that it was time for them close the shop Jessica would not leave and she will seriously go home in the middle of the night. She looked at her watch. 10pm. It was that late but it was fine because there were still people on the streets not that many but enough to make ease Jessica’s heart. The shop is just few blocks away from their house, riding a bus is costly for a 10min walk

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Chapter 28: In this other lifetime I see Yeri mention Sunny's name. So, will I see Yulsic?
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Its bitter sweet and tragic...
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Chapter 27: There's still hope for Jessica to meet Yuri
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Chapter 1: Thanks for returning to us~ I’ll have to reread this first lol
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Chapter 26: Welcome back author! I'm really happy you can update this story.
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