Forever With Me
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Jessica slowly opens her eyes. It was the same dream over and over again. She slowly sits up and leans her back against her bed’s headboard.


“Even when I’m dead, I’ll swim through the earth, like a mermaid of the soil, just to be next to your bones”


Jessica had dreamt about that phrase for quite frequently now, sometimes it was her uttering those words other times it was the other person. She doesn’t remember much about her dreams other than the fact that the other person was a girl because of the black locks, aside from that nothing else. The other girl’s face is blurry in all her dream. She sighs and ran her hands thru her brown locks. Is her dream telling her something?




Jessica turns to her bed, her father’s gentle face peeking thru the small gap of her door. “Rain appa”


Rain smiles and enters Jessica’s room, sitting on the edge of Jessica’s bed. “You’re up early. Bad dream?”


Jessica shakes her head. She doesn’t really know if her dreams about the girl is good or bad. Other than uttering those words nothing much happens in her dream, no killings, no blood, no running. “I’m just nervous. It’s my first day after all” she lied smoothly because she doesn’t want her father worrying for no reason.


Rain smiles and held his daughter’s hand. “I know it’s a big step for you to leave California to go back here. I just want to say thank you, honey. For understanding appa and his work”


Jessica smiles. “It’s a small sacrifice I have to make for you and mom. I don’t mind”


“That’s my girl” Rain leans forward and gave Jessica a kiss on her crown. “Come down as soon as you can mom is making pancakes”


Jessica slowly nods her head and stood up from her bed. “I’ll just take a bath”


Rain nods his head. “I’ll drive you to school”




//Sung University//

“Do you want me to fetch you after class?” Rain asks while he watch Jessica unbuckle her seatbelt.


Jessica gently shakes her head. “I’ll be fine, dad. I think I’ll drop by the bookstore after class”


“Alright” Rain nodded albeit reluctant. “Jess” his tone threatening.


Jessica smiles. “I know dad. No boys. Studies first”


Rain smiles. “That’s my girl” he place a hand on the back of Jessica’s head and gently pulls his daughter towards him to place a loving kiss on his daughter’s crown. “I’ll see you at home”


Jessica nods her head and hopped down from the car. She waves her hand while staring at the car speeding away. She turned her attention to the large building in front of her. “Right! Come on Jessica! You can do this!” She let out a sigh and adjusted the strap of her bag before taking uncertain steps towards the university.




Jessica’s brows furrowed, squinting her eyes to make sure her eyes isn’t playing tricks on her. “Tiff?”




Jessica felt the air got knocked out from her body when Tiffany bumped straight into her then enveloping her in a tight bear hug. She’s both surprised and happy at the same time; she doesn’t want to deal with the overwhelming feeling of being the new student and making friends with random strangers. Now that Tiffany is here it made her life a little easy, at least she has someone that she knows. And besides, it’s hard for her to make friends, Tiffany can make friends for the both of them.


“Surprise!” Tiffany’s extremely loud voice echoed inside the school halls causing Jessica to flinch.




Tiffany beamed. “It involves a lot of pursuing and a little help from uncle”


“Dad?” Jessica arched her brows while Tiffany nods enthusiastically.


Hwang Tiffany, best friends forever and self-proclaimed soul mate of Jung Jessica. Tiffany and Jessica became friends when they were seven years old. Tiffany made it her life mission to befriend the cold aloof little girl in her class. And after learning that they were born in the same hospital, Tiffany proclaimed that Jessica is her soul mate. And that was the reason why they became a laughingstock of their class. They were also bullied because their classmate thought that they are a gay couple.


At first, Jessica didn’t like Tiffany. She was too loud and too cheerful for an introvert like her but as time goes by; and Tiffany’s persistent to pester her –Jessica slowly opens up. And the two complete polar opposite ended up being best friends. Jessica didn’t mind being bullied because of Tiffany. In fact she was more thankful that there was one soul in their class willing to befriend a person like her.


And since then, the duo became inseparable.


“Uncle said something about you missing me” Tiffany beams, her arms hooking with Jessica’s. “That’s why I’m here”


“And where would you be staying?”


“Did you know that my mother used to live here? We have a house, one block away from yours” Tiffany happily relates. They did know about Tiffany being half Korean but what are the odds of them living near each other right? It was like what Tiffany used to say. “I told you we are soul mates”


Jessica rolled her eyes but with a smile on her face. She was still all smiles while Tiffany narrates how her flight had been

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