The Real Enemy

Forever With Me
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Yuri and Jessica walks in silence. Since the event that happened in the theatre, Yuri made sure that she gets to send Jessica home every day. She wouldn’t take the risk of leaving Jessica alone, not when the Devil is wandering.



“Why were you gone?”

Yuri inhaled deeply. “Honestly, I wanted to run away”

“Run away?”

Yuri nods her head. “My life…” she swallows the lump on . “My life is complicated and it gets more complicated with each passing day”

Jessica furrows her brows. “You think running away will make it less complicated?”

Yuri shakes her head. “I just don’t want to drag innocent people to my complicated life”

“Are you talking about Taeyeon?”

“No…” Yuri turns to Jessica. “I’m talking about you”

Jessica stopped on her tracks her eyes staring right back at Yuri. She broke into a small smile. “Remember what I told you?”

Yuri nods her head. “That you wanted to know me”

Jessica lifts her hand to touch Yuri’s heart. She beams, satisfied that it’s beating fast like hers. “When I said I like you, I mean it. And believe me when I say this, I’m willing to get dragged into your complicated life. If you will let me”

You don’t know what you’re talking about, Jessica. Yuri wanted to speak those words out loud, but who is she to stop Jessica from feeling this way towards her, when she, herself, can’t stop this heart of hers from yearning Jessica. She lifts her hand and rubs Jessica’s hair affectionately. “I hope you know what you’re getting yourself into”

“I’m ready” Jessica hooks her arm around Yuri’s and they resumed walking. “So what made you come back?”

Yuri chuckles. “I can’t take being away from you”

Jessica smiles, the kind of smile that reaches her eyes. Yuri’s straightforwardness never fail to make her heart flutter, her cheeks burn and her ears turned red. Thank God it’s night, no one can see the state of her face.




Taeyeon—with arms crossed in front of her chest while leaning to the hood of her car—watched Tiffany with eagle eyes. She would smile and sometimes chuckles whenever Tiffany would bump to someone thus forcing out an apology followed by a smile with eye-smile. She considers those people—who would get the chance to see Tiffany’s eye-smile up-close and personal—lucky. They must’ve save an entire nation during their past life for Tiffany to flash her heart stopping eye-smile to them.

Taeyeon frowns, arms uncrossing and falling down to her side. She fought the urge to run to Tiffany like Usain Bolt when she saw the eye-smiling princess falls down, papers flying everywhere. Taeyeon return back to her position earlier when she saw a man helping Tiffany pickup her papers. She would feel a tug in her heart whenever she would see Tiffany flashing those perfect eye-smile to him.

Tiffany was all smile as the man handed the last paper to her. “Thank you” the smile on her face immediately fell when she saw Taeyeon’s back entering her car.


Tiffany blinks a couple of time before his words finally sink in. “Oh right… right… Tiffany” she shifts the papers to one hand to free her other hand and accept Nichkhun’s handshake.

Nichkhun smile. “See you around, Tiffany”

“You too” Tiffany smiles as well. It’s rude not to return the smile. She looks back as soon as Nichkhun is no longer in sight and immediately frowns, again.

Taeyeon’s car was no longer in the parking lot. She sighs and starts walking home. There’s no use waiting for Jessica because she knows Yuri is walking her best friend home. The tanned girl had been doing that since she returned from being MIA. Tiffany understands, she saw the way Yuri would look at Jessica and vice versa. She would internally squeal at how cute they look, they really suite each other like they are meant to be together.


“Eeeeeeeeeeeek!” Tiffany squeal causing the papers in her hand to fly again. “Eish!” she look back at the culprit—who is getting out of the car. She gathers her papers and completely ignore the person who crouch down to help her. No Tiffany! Give her the cold shoulder!

Tiffany jerks her hand back when she and Taeyeon reached for the same paper causing their hands to touch. It was brief but it was enough to warm Tiffany’s hand and send her heart into frenzy. Of course, Taeyeon is no exception, she felt the same way Tiffany felt but she didn’t retracted her hand.

Taeyeon took the paper and arrange it together with the others she picked. She followed suit when Tiffany finally stood up. “Here…” she handed the paper back to the rightful owner. Tiffany took it but she didn’t made eye contact with Taeyeon though their hands did brush lightly eliciting an electric like sensation to both parties.

Taeyeon sighs. “I’m sorry”

“What do you want Taeyeon?” Tiffany wanted it to sound that she’s irritated but it seems she can’t get irritated with the petite, fair-skinned woman.

“I wanted to say sorry” Taeyeon apologized sincerely.

“What for?”

“I didn’t help you earlier. I just watched you”

Tiffany scoffs. She knows. She saw Taeyeon earlier just watching her then flashback when she saw Taeyeon’s back, entering her car. “It would’ve been nice if you did help me”

“Some pretty boy helped you, I’m sure that felt nice”

Tiffany arched her perfect eyebrows. She felt the hostility in Taeyeon’s voice. “Are you jealous?”

Taeyeon subtly clenched her jaws. Yes she’s jealous why else would she leave without saying goodbye?! And she was even thinking of sending Tiffany home because she knows Jessica is with Yuri. “Get in Tiffany”

Tiffany raised both of her brows. “Excuse me?”

Taeyeon sighs. She’s losing her cool because the event earlier just won’t leave her brain. It plays back over and over again giving her heart an unexplainable heartache. “I’m sending you home. Get in”

Tiffany shakes her head. “You’re unbelievable” then she walks off. First, Taeyeon just watch while she gathers her papers. Second, Taeyeon walks away from her. Third, Taeyeon honked her car’s horn causing her to throw her papers everywhere then Taeyeon will order her to get inside the car?! No! I’m not an easy girl!

Taeyeon pinched the bridge of her nose. Why was she acting like this?! She hit the hood of her car creating a loud thud before entering her car letting her door creating a loud bang like her window would shatter to pieces. She speed off until she passed by Tiffany then swerving her car to the right using her car as a barricade.

Taeyeon hopped down again, marching towards Tiffany. The taller girl’s expression remained firm. She wouldn’t back down to this hot-tempered cute being in front of her—even if her heart is telling her to slowly soften up. “I’m jealous”

Tiffany did say slowly right? Scratch that her heart finally softens. Her expression relaxes. “Tae…”

“I like you…” Taeyeon confessed. “And yes I was jealous because I know he’s cute and—”

Taeyeon stop mid-sentence. Her heart banging wildly against her chest like it wants to break free from her ribcage. She swallowed the lump on as Tiffany pulls back, flashing her perfect eye-smile at her. It was the softest lips Taeyeon had ever felt. The kiss wasn’t on the lips but it was enough to send little Taeyeon’s heart into frenzy. Imagine if the kiss was on the lips.

“He may be cute but it’s you who I like”

Taeyeon grins like a kid, her small dimple finally showing while she watch Tiffany’s back approaching her car. She was biting her lower lip—to stop herself from grinning too big—before walking to the driver’s seat.





Sooyoung smiles. “Hi Sunny”

“What are you doing here?” Sunny asks worriedly. “It’s freezing outside. Come in, come in” she pushed the door wider and pulled the taller girl inside.

Sooyoung s

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