The Savior and The Smartphone

Forever With Me
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Yuri groaned and slowly opens her eyes. A smiling Taeyeon greeted her. “Tae?” she struggles to sit up then leans her back on the headboard. “How you did know I was here?”


“Saw it on the news. I recognized the alley, it’s close to my café”


Yuri nods her head and turned to the window. “I saw her”


Taeyeon sat on the empty chair beside the Yuri’s bed. “I kind of figure that one out. I saw Emperor Jung hugging her when I was on my way here. I also saw Miyoung. They are all together”


Yuri remained mum, shock is still in her system. Who wouldn’t be when the person you saved look exactly like the love of your life –who had died hundreds of years ago. Yuri admits it, the encounter re-opened closed wounds and brought back painful memories.


“How are you? Still in pain?”


Yuri’s hand touch her new wound. “Still hurts. But I’ll live”


“So I assume she’s not the key in ending your immortality?”


“I don’t know” Yuri answers truthfully. “Honestly I don’t know what’s next”


“Maybe…” Taeyeon starts. “Maybe this is your second chance at love. Maybe God is giving you a redo so you can make it right in this lifetime; make it right with her. Take the chance you and Sooyeon didn’t take but this time take a chance with her”


Yuri stares at Taeyeon. Her brain is contemplating while her heart had already agreed with what Taeyeon had said. She had been in the shadows for too long, the walls around her heart had been up for too long maybe it’s time to tear them down and let Sooyeon’s reincarnation in. But is Yuri ready to let Sooyeon’s memories go? Is she ready to let go of the woman who kept her going for hundreds of years?








“Jess?” Rain look up from his newspaper when he saw his daughter all bathed and looks like she’s going out. He look at his watch, 8am; on a Saturday morning –a weekend. Jessica would usually sleep the morning away and woke up late in the afternoon. “You’re up early”


Jessica smiles and took the seat on her father’s left. “I’m going to the hospital today”


“Hospital?” Rain relaxes. “Oh right! The savior”


Jessica nods her head a little too excitedly in Rain’s eyes. “The doctor called me yesterday. She’s already awake but I don’t want to freak her out so I’ve decided to visit today”


Rain doesn’t like this giddy Jessica. It seems like she’s crushing on that savior of hers and who wouldn’t be when they just risk their life for yours, it’s an instant prince charming in the eyes of the damsel in distress; and Rain doesn’t like this one bit. He’s not yet ready to give up her princess to some prince charming. Where is your wife when you need her?


“Have you ask Mom’s permission?” Rain uttered; tone a little strict. “You know I won’t let you leave if Mom didn’t agreed”


Jessica smiles teasingly. She recognize this Rain in front of her –the overly protective father scared to lose his not so little princess –she had seen this side of her Dad when she was sixteen years old; Jay Park was standing outside their gate waiting for Jessica so he can walk her to her school. The whole breakfast Rain was just eyeing Jessica –giving his daughter soft glares –silently conveying that he doesn’t like boys courting Jessica when she’s still too young.


“I asked for Mom’s permission Dad, and she said yes. Check your phone”


Rain playfully glares at his daughter and flip the phone laying on the table beside his plate. There was a message from his wife. He opens it and indeed it was his wife telling him to go easy on Jessica –because she knows his husband’s overly protective tendencies –and that she gave her permission for Jessica to go. Rain sighs, his wife is seriously spoiling their daughter and they are both going against him.


“Alright. I’ll drive you there”


“No need Dad. I’m going with Tiffany”


And like on cue, Tiffany’s booming voice echoed inside the Jung residence. “Good morning uncle!” she went to Rain and place a kiss on her second father’s cheeks. “Jessi” she greeted her best friend with a

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