Mirror Maze

Forever With Me
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Because Tiffany insisted, the gang went to the amusement park.


The deity and the immortal were amazed by the sight in front of them.


Taeyeon close their mouths. “You both are embarrassing” she shakes her head.


“Sorry” Sooyoung hooks her arm around Taeyeon’s neck. “This place is amazing. What do you call this place?”


“The amusement park?” Taeyeon answers unsurely. “Seriously, you’ve lived longer than this place. You haven’t been here?”


Sooyoung shakes her head.


“Not even once?” Taeyeon continues.


Yuri also shakes her head.


“What’s the need to ride those things when I can just go in the sky?” Sooyoung shrugs.


Taeyeon rolls her eyes then pushed Sooyoung off of her. “Yea, whatever. Let’s go inside”


One by one, they entered the place.


As soon as she stepped inside the entrance, Yuri felt a cold chill ran down her spine causing her to stop on her tracks.


The others were busy excitedly talking with each other, completely unaware that they’re leaving one behind until Sunny notice Yuri’s absence.


Sunny looks back only to see a frozen Yuri. “Are you okay?”


This got everyone’s attention.


Yuri smiles before finally entering the place. “Sorry, it’s just I remembered something” she stops beside Jessica who is giving her a worried look. “I’m fine, don’t worry” she kisses Jessica’s forehead then flashes her a warm smile.


Yuri successfully removed the worry on Jessica’s beautiful face.








“So how are we going to do this?” Tiffany asks, eyes darting around mapping out in her mind what she wants to do. She immediately hooks her arm around Taeyeon’s stating her claim.


Jessica chuckles, wrapping hers around Yuri’s.


Yuri looks at the arm before looking straight into Jessica’s eyes, smiling.


“I want to ride that Ferris wheel” Sunny said looking at the big wheel slowly moving.


“I’ll come with you” Sooyoung said as she stands beside Sunny. Sunny blushes. “I want to know how it feels to be in the sky without using powers”


“We’re riding that roller coaster first” Tiffany beams happily. “Come on, Tae-tae”


Taeyeon, like a good girlfriend that she is, let Tiffany drag her away from their friends.


“Let’s just meet here after a couple of hours” Sunny said to Jessica.


Jessica nods. “I’ll text, Tiffany”


Sunny smiles. “See you later, Jess” she bid goodbye then walks towards the direction of the Ferris wheel with Sooyoung walking beside her.


Jessica turns to Yuri. “Where do you want to go?”


Yuri smiles, intertwining her hands with Jessica. “Anywhere with you is alright”


Jessica beams, noting how warm and soft Yuri’s hands. “Let’s just walk around then we'll go from there”


“Sounds like a plan”


They start to leisurely walk around, their hands remain interlocked.


Jessica learned something new about Yuri today and it made her happy. The immortal is pretty good at basketball even if the tanned girl said she never played it before. And Jessica doesn’t know if she will believe that or not but then again, the first couple of tries were a disaster the guy manning the booth pitied them and give those for free. But when Yuri got a hang of it, her shots never missed.


And that is how a medium sized dolphin plushie ended up on Jessica’s arm.


“Do you want to play another game?” Yuri asks.


Jessica shakes her head. “One plushie is enough” she doesn’t want her arms catering to many plushies because she’s already contented with one while her other hand is intertwined with Yuri’s.


Yuri smiles. “How about we eat first?” and as if on cue Jessica’s stomach starts to growl earning a chuckle from her tanned girlfriend. “Let’s go”


Jessica let Yuri drag her to wherever, too embarrassed to say a word.





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