An Ally

Forever With Me
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Yuri groans and softly opens her eyes. She scans the unfamiliar room while she slowly sits up and leans her back to the headboard.


“You’re awake”


Yuri turned to the door, a fair-skinned, baby-faced petite woman entered the room.


“How are you feeling?” the girl placed a tray of food on the end table beside the bed. “Oh forgive me. My name is Kim Taeyeon I saw you earlier, you were in pain so I took you in”


Yuri keeps her eyes fixed on Taeyeon, silently observing the petite woman. She let out a small smile. “You know who I am. Don’t you, Kim Taeyeon?”


Taeyeon pressed her lips into a thin line and slowly nods her head. “I know who you are Kwon Yul. I mean Kwon Yuri.” she quickly corrects herself. “I’m Kim Taeyeon, Kim Taewoo’s direct descendant”


“After all this time I thought I was being watched by angels. I guess Taewoo really is my angel” Yuri chuckles. “Even in death that man always finds a way to look out for me”


Taeyeon smiles. “Taewoo knew how hard headed you are. He knew you would never come to any of them for help. So he took it upon himself to look out for you and your family. Discreetly”


Yuri nods her head in understanding. “How did he knew about my true identity?”


“Taewoo brought the bad news to your family. Your father told him everything, about you being a girl. And how you stole his armor and letter” Taeyeon bit her lower lip. “After learning the truth Taewoo hated himself more” Yuri remained mum, listening intently. “He regret not protecting you, he regret not giving you back to your parents alive”


Yuri nods her head. Typical Taewoo. Always blaming himself for the decision of others.


“He had his doubts” Taeyeon continues. “Maybe that’s why he was more protective of you than the others. And about your death? He’s not fully convinced”


Yuri chuckles. “Of course he’s not”


“He doesn’t want to believe that you’re dead. Not unless he sees a body –your body. So he made a promise to himself that whatever it takes he wouldn’t stop looking for you, whatever it takes he will bring you back”


“When did he found me?”


“15 years after your so-called death” Taeyeon said truthfully. “Since then Taewoo never kept his eyes off of you. I can say he became obsessed. I mean who wouldn’t be…” she stares at Yuri intently. The tanned girl didn’t change much she still had the same features she had hundreds of years ago from Taewo’s sketches in their study room. “Everyone else are aging, dying but you remained the same”


Yuri let out a sigh. There’s no harm telling Taewoo’s descendant right? After all if Taeyeon knew about her all along and she kept her secret, it wouldn’t hurt to add another secret. “I was cursed…”


And Yuri began narrating what exactly happened that time when she disappeared from their battalion. How she meet the druid who cursed her, how she end up leaving everything –even her family –behind, how she ended up jumping from one country to another whenever the people starts to notice that she’s not aging, how she travels to the end of the world to search for Sooyeon or her reincarnation, descendant and whatnot. She told Taeyeon everything while the fair-skinned girl listens intently.


“Then let me help you” Taeyeon finally spoke. “My ancestor was your friend once. Let me be your friend in this lifetime” she offers. “Our family, we owe our lives to you. We took an oath to give back the life you have given us. It’s the least we can offer after you’ve sacrificed everything so that our lineage will continue”


Yuri scoffs. “I can’t afford friends Taeyeon. You should understand why I choose to withdraw myself away from people. You all will grow old and die while I remain the same. I can’t and would not go thru the pain of losing people who are dear to me, not again” she inhaled deeply and let out a sigh. “I appreciate everything you and your family have done but friendship is something I can’t give you”


“Then ally” Taeyeon quickly interjected. “Come on Yuri you don’t expect to face this on your own right? And you can’t find her on your own”


“You are persistent” Yuri chuckles. Her heart swells knowing that Taeyeon still wants to help even after pushing her away. “Allies” she extended her hand towards Taeyeon.


“Allies” Taeyeon cheekily smiles and accepted the hand. “So how do we find Sooyeon?”


Yuri furrowed her brows. “You don’t know what she looks like?”


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