Euphoria (Don't You Remember)


Heart or Mind?


Which is stronger?


Which one has a greater hold of your decisions? Your feelings? Emotions?


What if the other one fails to do its job?


How are you gonna deal with it?





credit to: jealmi (for the poster)


My first fanfic so please bear with me.^^ if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, just post it down here^^



A/N: I changed the title a lil bit.... hehehehe... XD 


Anyway, this is Jessica's Look here:



Sooyoung's Look:

Posted Image


while this is Tiffany's:

Posted Image


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Author, how are you? I missed you and this story. I hope you're okay.
jorjess #2
Chapter 45: Just found and also finished read this, and your story was great author. By the way where are you right now?
Chapter 45: Soo, just stop break fany's heart.
Fany is really hurt :( pls just stop soo if you can't love tiff back. Dont make her hurt more. She's the most who feeling hurt between soosic. Jessica has yuri who love her also sooyoung. And tiff break soo heart for the for the first time because she has a reason. Plsss that one month soo go with sica make soo realized that tiffany is the one who's hurting the most and always give her a chance. I hope soosic didnt work so soo can heal tiff's broken heart. Let tiff be happy for once. Pls let tiff be selfish. Tiffany understand about soosic relationship, jessica so selfish here, she just want soo by herself. She didnt think about others while tiff still think about jess and its unfair for jess, tiff said:( And just let yuri has chance to mend jessica's broken heart.
I can't take it anymore to see tiffany hurt.
Soofany Yulsic for the ending please~~
Please let tiff happy for once and feel the loved by Soo :) Your story very good author. I get the feeling when tiff is hurt. Please update soon
ChantChant #4
Chapter 43: welcome back....
and i have re-read the previous chapters at once.....
for the latest chapter.....I have a feeling that it will become a cycle again....
somebody leaves somebody....and.....argh......hard to stand for Tiff or Jess.......
can't wait for the coming updates......
Chotivisit #5
Chapter 45: Too much </3
I'm just so happy that you updated! <3 Still my favorite story here.
Chapter 43: Seriously author.. im a fan off soofanybhere in his story.. ang im patiently waitinG for your updates.. aja!!
arairai #8
Chapter 45: I love angst.
It's such a hard situation for the three of them. I just hope Sooyoung wouldn't hurt Jessica even much more after the one month deal. If by the time she chose Jessica, she should go all the way to make sure they'd be okay. It's selfish for Jessica, but I get where she's coming from. I can't really blame her. She was the light Sooyoung sought to after Tiffany. She at least deserved this chance.
And Tiffany :( this poor soul... I hope Sooyoung wouldn't meet her in the one month. It'd give time for both Sooyoung and Tiffany to decide where they stand.
For whoever would break after the one month, there’s Yuri, I guess lol it's sad to see her too :( but she'd play an important role to trigger Sooyoung to do right for all of them.
Or Sooyoung might end up in Japan and left them? :p
Haha I enjoy this story ^^ looking forward for the next chapter!
snsdsoofany #9
Chapter 45: I know I'm a SooFany fan but author-nnim, I believe SooSica is good here! Make it SooSica. Pleeeeease? :D
TatsuyaFuji #10
Chapter 45: wow wow wow i'm getting curious who will soo ended up with hmm i hope it will be soofany eh :c