The Remembered & The Forgotten (A BTS Fanfiction)


in which Lee Haein's former boyfriend dates another girl with the same name as her own. 


I love him but he doesn't remember. He never will. - Lee Haein

I still don't know. What did I really forget? What did I really remember? - Jeon Jungkook 



(Also posted on Wattpad by me)

Okay, so this year, I will be updating this story. Hopefully soon. Sorry for being so inactive


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Chapter 22: Yes tae you must spill the tea.truth is hurt but its good for your life rather than lies.jungkook deserve to know the truth but im not sure whether haein will accept jungkook back in her life after everything.i mean she is broken and trying to move on with jimin.well maybe she will.
Chapter 20: Omg! I'm so ready for the tea or coffee xD
bunnyhats #3
Chapter 19: Omg im ready for whatever taes about to do. The real drama is about to begin *grabs cup of tea*
Chapter 19: I'm so happy that Jimin and Taehyung became friends :) Haein and Jimin are the cutest cinnamon rolls ^_^ I love the three of them
bunnyhats #5
Chapter 18: Ahhhhh i love this fic. Honestly i cant wait for what happens next. Im so curious to what happened with jungkook. I have a theory that the accident wasnt so accidental.
Chapter 18: 好故事非常感謝你,我愛你
magicshop222 #8
Chapter 18: wow i dont know why this doesnt have more views
magicshop222 #9
Chapter 14: i knew i liked this fic but that alfredo part is what locked it in for sure
Chapter 18: I was so excited because I thought this would be the trio's (Jimin, Haein and Taehyung) scenes, but it still very nice because Yoongi still loves Soojin and Jungkook have those flashbacks. Oh my god, what if, when Jungkook and Hae-in are about to get married, Jungkook becomes a runaway groom? >.< I can't wait for the next update ^_^