About Me

Heller fellow people! My name is May and I'm an awkward duck that is in love with kpop. I tend to reference fandom things every single day. I have no life except for reading and writing. I love reading! It's like my superpower. I AM READING WOMAN! I'LL DEFEAT YOU BY READING! Lol Just kidding! So basically I have no life and am in love with kpop and like to write, so why not write kpop fanfiction? Those were my thoughts that brought me here. So deep, I know!


Fun Facts About Moi

1. I have the same birthday as Luhan!

2. I eat pizza like it's the only source of food needed to survive

3. I like to spend my days lounging in bed listening to music(kpop), reading fanfiction, writing and sleeping

4. And that's it 'cause I'm not really that interesting!

5. Lol! Totally lied about that being the last fact! I also read as if it's the air I breathe.

6. Now that's it!


Kpop Groups/Artist I love

1. BTS

2. GOT7

3. EXO


5. 2NE1

6. F(x)

7. Girls' Generation

8. Wonder Girls

9. Crush

10. 2PM

11. Aliee

12. iKON

13. Jay Park

14. Loco

15. And many, many more!


I love BTS with a passion cause they were the ones who brought me into this kpop land. Same with Got7! I'm not a very good writer so bear with me. And well, that's it from me!

Anyways, Byeya!

Kaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy! I'm done now so you can bounce if you'd like or you could LOVE ME RIGHT! Hahahah *Breaks out into song* Anyway

Peace out girl and boy scouts!

~May xoxo(hehehehehe! X3 see what I did there? No, oh, okay)