A Prince and His Princess(DISCONTINUED)

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Once upon a time, there was a country divided by kingdoms and rulers. Three kingdoms ruled over all. 

Now, not everyone was very glad to have these three kingdoms rule. So the citizens wreaked havoc in the the cities and tried to burn down the castles. The royals were better prepared and in the end they won.


To find a way to keep the peace the kings decided to create a system where commoners would marry either a prince or a princess. 

From the ages thirteen to twenty, all boys and girls would be eligible to marry a royal. Each year, royal advisors would go out and search for beautiful girls and handsome boys to be with the princes or princesses. That was how they kept the peace, to show that they cared for people.


Astrid Fairway was just another poor girl. Her life was a routine she knew by heart until she was chosen to marry one of the princes. That's when her whole world changed.


Hey guys! This is my SHINee fanfiction!


I hope you guys like!



Hey! I know it's been forever but I'm going to continue writing this story. I hope you all will stick with me as I try to revive it. The updates will be slow until I get back into the groove of this story. I'm hoping to put something up in the new year so look forward to it!


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i love it
alex0728 #2
Im hoping this will be a long story