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Jessica, Tifanny and Taeyeon were bestfriend. Both of Jessica and Taeyeon were the heirs of their own family company, Jung and Kim Corps. Taeyeon has been in a relationship with Tiffany for 2 years. Tiffany was the heirs of Hwang Company. Since her company were in crisis, her father didn't waste his time,  before their own company became bankrupt he took the only solution which was to make their own company merged either with Jung or Kim Corp. But since Tiffany dated Taeyeon, the problem should be solved.

Unfortunately Taeyeon involved in an accident and died, Jessica took Taeyeon's place and she got married with Tiffany. Just when they had falling in love, Taeyeon came back to Jessica and Tiffany's life.



So... Annyeong chingudeul... This is my first fanfic...FYI guys, English is not my first language, sorry for any grammartically errors... :)


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jungli_shipper 0 points #1
Author-ssi why cant I read bitterest tears again?? I want to read it again...
Shin-A 0 points #2
Chapter 38: When will you update the epilouge?I'm waiting for it
queerlymariecerlos #3
Epilouge pleeaaassseeeee
Qrijess #4
Chapter 38: Is this the end??? Tiff with Jessi or Taeyeon?
I tot i saw the update for bitterest tears just now ? But cant get to the story now?
kokobopexo #6
Chapter 38: ugh! its very tragic! thier love story was tragic! is it the end??? i cant even imagine it will end that way so selfish of you taeyeon. but really,Jeti couple such a coward. if they did love each other , then why on earth they agreed on taeyeon?? theyre treating taeyeom like a god . pleasing her with what she wants. hopeless.
Chapter 38: If ever taeny marry each other, please at least give jeti a closure. This is so sad. :(
Jsooyeon_18 #8
Unfortunatelly sad end. I was so sad about this thT i don't even want to write a review..
I am afraid to read that epilogue... Completly ... Even i closed my eyes before to red this chapter. It hurt :;(
Chapter 38: *excited by the mention* :*
But seriously is the end? :O
rindha22 #10
Chapter 38: next