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Freaking Pathetic

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Pathetic Me

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8 days before going back to school

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School for FF!!?

By Jooahloves posted

STUCK IN BETWEEN (makes totally no sense but it's just rambling)

By EasyIzzy posted

Studying Tips? ( Need Help Here )

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On-going fanfic starring GOT7!

By --cherryblossom posted

My Baekyeol/Kaisoo fic :)

By ReinaPea posted

I'm *back* and so here's a new story~

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Song Playlist

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Perses Students' Portfolio

By tastefully posted

Extraordinary Means

By DreamHighSH posted

I got Miss Universe-ed ( T_T) (T_T )

By SapphireKpop posted

my high school life..........

By sophie_bts_jungkook posted

Graduating High School!!!

By hakunamataetae posted

I don't fit in...

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things in third person

By lilnugget posted

high school

By biitch posted

{Rant} Stupid, Broke, and Confused... T_T

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