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Favorite AFF Taoris Authors

By ExoticPandragons posted
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The Start of a New Year

By snowflake16 posted
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I'm gonna list all of the fics that I've loved in here!

By Sehun8gfat posted
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New Story/Additional Chapter?

By hobash posted
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Posters of my fics that idk when I'll write....

By sujueh32 posted
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an (un)helpful guide to (SOME) exo ships

By gimjongdae posted
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Sadden over the lost of an amazing fanfic.

By Devil_Angel_x posted
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TaengSic/SNSD Demolishes TaoRis/EXO(-M)

By Ashleth89 posted
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selling some exo merch ayyyyyy (50% are tao though)

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Help me find this please

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silence angel

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Taoris- Clingy Omega one shot

By ReinaPea posted
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One Shots (Jikook, Meanie, Markson, Jeongcheol, Baekyeol, Hunhan, Kaisoo, Vhope, Namjin, Taoris)

By ReinaPea posted
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About which ship should I post next one shot in my collection?

By ReinaPea posted
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Arranged Marriage- Taoris one shot

By ReinaPea posted
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Let's make the checklist xD

By jamesthepirates posted
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My two Exo ot12 fanfics :)

By ReinaPea posted
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