if you ever...

I have too many good and bad memories during high school year. One of the sweetest moment when I cried about something stupid and this one boy, my classmate. He saw me walking into the class crying myself out like really bawling but I didn't care. I kept crying and he silently took a seat next to me and waited until I done crying. He didn't even say a word. He just sat there and waited for me. At that time, I thought to myself 'Why this dude sitting here?' but he just sat there comforting me like what the hell? I felt weird and but it did make me stop crying because I'm about to laugh because of him. I never take comfort from anyone because it makes me feel odd and weak and that's why I hate crying in front of anyone. But he comforts me like he really care for me. I really missed that feeling. That feeling like you want him there but never want him to talk at the same time. As far as I remembered, he was the only guy who actually ever did that to me. Take my advice: If you ever want a guy, this is what you should be looking for.


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hwootestjang #1
Wow.. i know right
ive been there.. but i wasnt crying thou
nice guy is taken back then. His girl must be the happiest girl.