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on AFF, WebNovel and AO3! I don't post my stories on sites besides those three so if you catch me elsewhere, it's probably not me.

Also, my dudes, I'm on Discord if you want to keep in touch more regularly :) 

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- no roleplaying ads [ i have rpr but i rarely rp anymore so please dont. no twitters, ig, fb or mewe rp ads! ]
- no story ads [ a personal preference, I don't read so I'm sorry - I'm not going to check it out. ]


About Me

HOW IS IT 2024?!
what year is it?...

- welcome to my profile! -

(´。• ᵕ •。`)

I go by Izzy and really, that's as short as my name can get

I don't read fics that much anymore but I'm still around because of friends and how much I cling to this site for my sanity.

don't really login that much to interact anymore but lurks around and occasionally spams feed with genshin rants.

I make apps for applyfics when my muse is good so here's where I stash them all. Be warned a lot of them are eehh and only a few make me go ♡

Not active in the kpop community anymore. current favs are RV, GOT7 and P1Harmony but listens to anything really.

I'm a y writer with a very ty schedule so as always, my updates are inconsistent and... rare I'm sorry

However! I am into manhwa (mainly royalty, isekai, romance, genre), some mangas, and the few animes I've managed to watch.

some fav reads are:

  •  seducing the villain's father 
    the FL is so cuteee and I love the moments between her and the ML so cute ahh
  •  duchess 50 tea recipes
    this was a very interesting read! lowkey learned stuff about tea lmao I've been behind on updates tho
  •  ♡who made me a princess
    MY FIRST WEBTOON THAT CRUSHED ME hi if u have a strong soul pLEase let me know when claude and athy get back on good terms!! i dropped it after that happened and I haven't read it since
  •  Crimson Karma
    yoo this is cool! definitely different than the one's i usually go for but aye, i love the FL ♡ 
  •  Cheating Men Must Die
    not really a webtoon but ene I'll just put it here-
    Very satisfying to see how she gets back at others like yas, don't hold back sis
  •  ♡A Stepmother's Marchen
    THIS ONE IS SO CUTEE shuli's love for the family is sooo admirable and the art! art so stunning! art make brain go brrbrr


Some mangas that I worship:

  •  Can't Defy the Lonely Girl 
    oKAY the first few chapters might throw you off but it gets cuter. love the art and the mains are sO CUTE
    sooo need to catch up on this but i remember i used to read the whole thing when i was impatient for updates dfghjk YONA'S CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT AH i ship yona and hak so hard but #1 boy is shinah for me u.u
  •  Colette Decides to Die
    DEATH BY WHOLESOMENESS AND CUTENESS IS MORE LIKE IT AAHH deadass this manga makes my day ALWAYS colette and hades are so sdfghj also behind on updates for this one
  • Nanoha and Chidori
    secret relationship? check
    girls in love? check
    absolute cuTENESS? CHECK
    they're so cute they're so cute sHUT UP
    THE MAIN COUPLE IS SUPERIOR IDC IDC SHUSH cries whenever i see izumi because the boy is too cute-
  • Niehime to Kemono no O
    THIS MAKES MY HEART SOAR ahhh sally is so adorable and i like seeing how the people in the kingdom slowly start to accept her. the moments of her with the king are sooo wholesome

Small amount of anime I watch(ed):

  •  Akagami No Shirayukihime
    I think this was one of the first anime I watched in high school all because i saw Zen aha never finished it tho so.. ehem who's my fav? it's obi. no debate on this.
  • Charlotte
    finished. friend recommended and ehe it was nice! many tears shed at the few last eps
  • Plastic Memories
    THE AMOUNT OF TEARS ahhh finished and I did like it. that ending had me screaming i tell you-
  •  Kimetsu No Yaiba
    finished s1. AND YES IM OBSESSED!!! KAMABOKO GONPACHIRO is an iconic line- no favs here but... nezuko is a close one because of how cUTE SHE IS
  • Boku No Hero Academia
    currently watching. the show is pretty cool, no i don't read the manga sHUSHHH fav character is denki kaminari NO DEBATE NO DEBATE i'm still in s2 as of writing this (on hold. i cant deal with angst)
  • JJK
    i know a little because of tiktok + friends. i am depressed because of satosugu lore. GEGE WHEN I CATCH YOU-
  • MASHLE (anime)
    love love love love! probs gonna pick up the manga soon. my current hyperfixation
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