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  • sang hwayoung - possibly putting a spin to the fourth plotline (illegitimate child of a CEO)
  • TW for light mentions/implications of social anxiety
about me!
full name:
sang hwayoung
23 & 14.02.98
mapo-gu, sk
moon gayoung | shin ye eun
section one!
there's so much more to me.
appearance and style.
dark academia aesthetic.
prefers to wear long coats, baggy shirts, flowy long shirts when she's going outside. accessories include earrings and bracelets.

indoors, is just comfy clothes like t-shirts, sweaters, sweatpants and shorts. has really cute pajamas sets.




pos: attentive, caring, responsible, passionate
neg: quiet, secretive, distrustful, cowardly


hwayoung is a very quiet person which is a shocker if you asked her previous school buddies. she's suddenly become someone who spoke only a few words and wasn't the type to begin conversations with strangers. in class, she barely utters a word unless prompted by the professor and even working in groups doesn't make her speak out much. the incident that happened during her teen years have also prompted her to become rather secretive about her life. only vague answers are given when anyone asks about things regarding her private life such as what does her mother do, where does she live, where does she hangout during her free time, etc. she's careful not to let anything about her slip in case they can be used against her. this comes hand in hand with her being rather distrustful towards other people. it's difficult for her to put her trust in anyone besides herself and her mother, scarred from teenage years and the memories of people interested in everything in her life. being cowardly is something she's not very proud to admit but it is the truth. she's scared to meet people's eyes, scared to make new connections, scared to speak up for herself even though she knows she's in the right. she is scared of what people have to say about her once they find out who she really is.

despite these, hwayoung still has her good sides. due to her quiet nature, she's become rather attentive to her surroundings. she's become a great listener who focuses completely on what everyone is saying and their expressions as well. she's always aware of her surroundings and pays extra close attention to her work. although she finds it hard to trust others, she's still a caring person. if she sees someone struggling or having a hard time, hwayoung will try to quietly help them in any way she can. maybe give them a drink from the vending machine, cook them a warm meal, give them a tasty bun or even just stick a sticky note with instructions to guide them. she knows a nice warm meal often helps so she's always down to cook for others and is definitely the type to worry if everyone's eaten and their health status. a very responsible person, hwayoung is the girl you would think has her life put together. she doesn't procrastinate on what she can get done today, always tries to arrive earlier than the planned time, keeps up with her schedule, and she knows how to manage her finances to get her through the month without worrying about going broke. another thing that hasn't changed about her is how passionate she is in the things she loves. she still wakes up feeling excited over the classes she's going to attend, the new projects and assignments she's been given, ;earning new recipes for her friends and taking time for her side projects that she's been doing in her free time.

born as sang seohyun, she lived a relatively normal life with her mother. growing up, it didn't take long for seohyun to realize that she was different than most of her peers - she didn't know who her father was. despite that, her curiosity never got the best of her since her mother worked hard to give her a comfortable life filled with love and care.

sure, there were times where she wondered who her father was and where he had gone. however, seeing her mother smile for her, care for her, love her wholely - was enough to drown the questions away until she felt it was the right time. so for years, the girl would give sarcastic answers whenever new people would ask her about her father. 

"ah, he's a super hero so he can't stay on earth because he doesn't breathe oxygen."
"my mom dumped him because he was hella ugly."
"good ol' dad couldn't handle my awesomeness so he left - afraid i'd outshine him."
her school life was relatively normal. she was a bright girl who spent her youth like any other teenager. talking about crushes, attending sports festival and giggling at those cool seniors, dreading exams - those sort of experiences. she never felt as if she was missing out on anything, she always lived confidently in the moment.

however, she turns 17 and suddenly everything is different. everything changes and it's because of an article that blew up in a matter of hours.

terrified was one of the emotions that she felt when there were cameras waiting outside of school, screaming her name as soon as she stepped out of the school gates. she still remembers how suffocated she felt when the microphones surrounded her, the blinding flashing lights and the same question being repeated over and over again.

"how does it feel to be the daughter of CEO kang hyeojun?"

her mother was there to snatch her away and drive off before the reporters could continue pestering them. they didn't go home and instead, stayed at a hotel for a few days until everything calmed down a bit. it was there did her mother finally decided to talk about who was actually the actual father.

that's how hwayoung found out that her father was a wealthy CEO who ran different businesses and entertainment companies. he had money hwayoung had only dreamed of having and for him to turn out to be her father, one would have thought it would be a modern cinderella story.

"we... we could meet him, if you'd like. he's been wanting to talk to you and-"
"now? he wants to talk now? when the whole world has finally found out? that's when he wants to talk?"
"i know it's something sudden but... it's your choice, honey."

hwayoung declines, she wants nothing to do with her father. she's lived 17 years without him, she wasn't going to cave in now. she never needed her father then so why would she need him now?

but the media continued to be interested in her life and suddenly, everything about her is open for everyone to read and judge. she's the newest addition to the rich and wealthy and everyone wants a scoop of her. eyes begin to watch her everyone move and these cameras refuse to give her a moment to breathe the moment she steps out of the safety of her house.

she gets... scared of people not long after this ordeal happens. people start recognizing her on the street, leaving rather mean comments on her Instagram posts, giving her creepy dms and even articles that paint her as some sort of girl who's let the wealth and fame cloud her mind.

she spends the final few years of high school changing schools every couple of months whenever things started to get... difficult for her. the constant swarm of people trying to get close to her then the cold shoulder because hwayoung was scared to talk to anyone - scared if what she said to them now would be in the tabloids the next morning.

once high school was over and she gets accepted into seoul women's university, the cameras don't follow her as closely as they used to but they're still there.

she first continued living with her mother once she attended university but the long bus rides weren't doing her any favours. plus, that's how the news people found out which university she was attending as they followed her movements.

she moved out soon after, wanting to move somewhere closer to her university but found that living by herself was quite nerve-wracking. she managed to live on her own for a while but since some of those paparazzi would stalk outside her house, she's had to move 3 times all because of those bothersome people!

in a desperate attempt to finally get rid of these meddlesome cameras, she changes her name to 'sang hwayoung' a few months before she started to find a new house to live in. she's super careful about her appearance too while she goes out looking for flyers, not wanting anyone to find out her new - and hopefully last - house to move into.

finding the flyer while she was hiding from reporters was the last thing she expected. the fluttering of the paper caught her eye and before anymore cameras could interrupt her, she shoved the paper in her bag quickly contacting the landlord without much to think. she was desperate for a new place when the reporters had figured out her most recent address.

now that she's found a new place to stay, hwayoung is hopeful that she'll find peace and safety in those walls. perhaps, this could be a good opportunity for her to start fresh as well. a new start as, "hwayoung".

the last thing she needs is more cameras swarming and rumours spiralling if anyone spills the bean of her new location.

❝ likes:
- buying new earrings
- drinking cold juices
- the scent of peppermint
- loves peaches and strawberries
- taking photos of her surroundings which include people
- has an obsession with coffee buns, uses her mother's recipe
- baking and cooking for other people
❝ dislikes:
- people who bring up those news articles about her
- really strong perfumes
- doesn't like to eat grapes, especially the one's with seeds
- bitter coffee, bitter tea - bitter drinks in general
- camera flashes! starts shaking and needs a moment to breathe if it catches her off guard
- tight spaces because she's claustrophobic. elevators are fine if 1) she has someone she trusts with her so she can hold their arm 2) it's not squeezing with people
❝ habits:
biting her nail when nervous. that's why the nail on her left thumb is crooked.
- scratching her knuckles when she's in a daze
- eats sweets when she's anxious so she carries packets of sweets with her or snacks that she can chew
- eyes are always looking anywhere else but the other person's eyes. she can't seem to look at anyone in the eye besides her mother.
- baking frenzy mode when she's stressed
❝ misc:
- her birth name is sang seohyun but she changed it to ' sang hwayoung' once a lot of people began to recognize it. sometimes uses alias. she'll introduce herself as 'kim hwayoung' to her housemates.
- hobbies include reading webnovels, webtoons, novels, cooking and baking.
- is definitely the type of friend who would bake you a cake when you are sad.
- absolutely hates getting her pictures taken, especially ones where her face is visible.
- has a priavte instagram (@strdust) where she's very careful of what she posts. makes sure nothing gives out her location.
- prefers being behind the camera, really good at taking pictures of other people.
- takes visual communication design at seoul women's university. still not sure if she's going to use her degree or open up some sort of food blog since she enjoys cooking and baking a lot these days.
- doesn't parade around telling everyone who her father is or confirming if they ask about who she is. she'll just say "no, wrong person. sorry."
- doesn't have any people she hangs out with outside of university. everyone is just school-friends to her, people that she work with for projects and assignments and nothing more.
- found out she had social anxiety recently. her mother suggested she talked with a specialist when her episodes got worse and that's how she was diagnosed.
- moving into a house with people she didn't know...  possibly a step for her towards recovery. and staying with people is better than having to face the paparazzi's alone.
- skinship is fine with her as long as she's comfortable with said person. hugs are awkward but welcomed, she'll warm up with time and effort.
- if she's walking with a friend, don't be surprised if she reaches out to grab your shirt.  going out in public is something she worries about so having someone she knows close by helps her a lot.
- she goes bowling by herself if she's stressed, goes near closing hours since there's not a lot of people. if it's too late to go bowling, you can find her stress baking in the kitchen.
- kinda like the mom friend of the group. has a habit of taking care of others, especially friends of hers (which she doesn't have a lot of)
❝ music:
seen on hwayoung's recently played:

- r u ok by tate mcrae
- adios by hoody ft. gray
- not angry by chris james
- feel the same by the millenial club
- right here by keshi
- cool with it by brb.
- at my worst by pink sweat$
- tonight by demxntia
- thank you by junny
youtube playlist

❝ talks:
stuff hwayoung says to get a gist of her better

- "um, i'm gonna call it a night. you guys enjoy yourselves."
- "parties equal people. people are nosy. i don't like a lot of people."
- *very quiet voice* "one superior cocoa, please."
- "i don't really take pictures of myself- wait, don't pull me in-"
- "do you... do you want a cake? i could bake one right now and-"
- "guys, i baked something for everyone."
- "do you guys... have anything you want to eat? i'm low on meal ideas."
- "have you eaten? i'm cooking something and i could make more if you're hungry."
- "i think you're sick. I'll get some medicine. do you like chicken soup?"
- "i just want them to leave me alone. the cameras, the news articles - just leave me alone."
- "reporters again?!"
- "having cameras follow you around for years and always thinking if what you do or what you say will end up in the tabloids tomorrow - you just learn to stay quiet and blend away in the background."
- "what do i do... they'll find out where i live and everything will fall apart-"
section two!
in depth.
scenarios & interview.

how would your character act at a party? can you handle alcohol?
     "oh, I'm not a big drinker or a party-goer. i'd probably stick close to the people i know and leave early - if i show up at all to a party which is also a slim chance. alcohol wise... i rarely drink so i don't think i have a good tolerance to it."

what would you do when you first meet someone?
     "try to make eye contact and smile. introduce myself quickly without saying too much."

how willing are you to do chores?
     "i'm good at house chores and I like to keep my living area clean so, i tend to organize and clean without realizing. chores aren't a problem for me."

what do you like your living conditions to be? are you a loud or quiet housemate? clean or messy?
     "just people who aren't nosy and know how to keep a secret. rowdy, loud, quiet - doesn't matter to me at this point."

what would you do if two of your housemates were in a fight?
     "fights would definitely trigger my flight response. i'll try to calm them down but if things continue to escalate, i'll probably be the first one to duck and hide. when everyone's cooled down, i might pop in with a hot drink and some baked goods." 

what is your idea of having fun with others?
     "movies! i think watching movies would be a fun activity for everyone. or barbeques, those always looked fun to me."

what pisses you off?
     "... people who don't know how to respect privacy."

are you a light sleeper? do you sleep late or vice versa and wake up late or vice versa?
     "hmm, well i tend to wake up early even if i sleep late. i like to get my work done before i call it a night. i don't sleep like the dead but i'm not a light sleeper either - anything louder than my alarm gets me up." 

     feel free to add more things they say or other scenarioes here.
section three!
this is my life.

- wakes up around 6am, 7am is the latest
- never skips breakfast! she always manages to cook something up for her first meal of the day
- gets on the bus to her university, classes usually end around 1-2pm. breaks between classes is spent at the library, napping or studying.
- after classes end, she often comes straight back home. after a shower and change of clothes, she makes herself a meal (if anyone's home at the same time, she'll even offer to cook a portion for them)
- she tries to finish as much work as she can on weekdays
- on weekends, she focuses on relaxing and unwinding. does study/work but not as hardcore as weekdays.
- weekends is where she bakes something for all the residents in the house since weekends is really the only time she can dedicate baking to. could be cakes, could be cupcakes, could be pastries - who knows what she feels like? she takes request as well if she's in a good mood.


sang yunseo // birth mother // owner of dream bakery // 43 // n/a //
"hyun, make sure you eat well, okay?"
her mother, the breadwinner of their little family and the most amazing women that hwayoung looks up to the most. her mother actually chose her new name but still calls her 'hyun'. she runs a small bakery with her friend and they're comfortably popular, the previous huge news did boost their popularity a bit for a while. she's on civil terms with hyeojun and doesn't push hwayoung to get closer with him either. yunseo worries about hwayoung a lot, especially with the media attention the daughter is getting. she makes it a point to check up on hwayoung daily, either through text or call. the type of mother who will remember your friends and treat them as her own children.

kim eunhee // family friend // 43 // n/a //
"ah, look who's here! my daughter-in-law!"
aunt eun - ever since hwayoung could remember, the women had always been a part of her life. she was like a second mother to hwayoung but sometimes acted like an older sister as well. eunhee was always there to take care of hwayoung whenever her mother was busy and was even the reason why yunseo gained enough confidence to open her own bakery. she's a strong woman who takes no from anyone, often shooing away the pesky reporters who harass the sang family.

kang hyeojun // birth father // 45 // n/a // 
"i was.. calling to see if you wanted to get dinner together? and talk things out, if you'd like."
her father by blood but she can't see him as a father figure. he really does seem like a good guy since he offered to pay for hwayoung's university fees. he contacts her at least once a week, to ask how things are going and her answers are formal and polite. he gets her things during her birthday, even sent flowers when she graduated high school. hyeojun seems sincere and wants to get closer to her but hwayoung doesn't know if she's ready for that when she's so used to depending and trusting only her mother. a busy man who's definitely successful and wealthy but has no family to call his own - maybe that's why he wants to get closer to hwayoung, wanting to make it up for all the times he wasn't there.
bae aryeon // friends? // 24 // kang minah // collab with zelodegrees
"come on, hwayoung - run!"
first meeting each other when they moved in, aryeon and hwayoung seemed to click fast. both being quite homebodies, they managed to spend time together - mostly with hwayoung cooking meals for aryeon whenever both of them were home at the same time - and grew even closer when aryeon discovered hwayoung's interest in webnovels as well as how hwayoung made her own character designs based on those said webnoves (psst, she's a big fan of aryeon's works!). she gets embarrassed when aryeon discovers her fanart but getting complimented by one of her favourite writers? all embarrassment is thrown out of the roof and instead, hwayoung lets herself get closer to aryeon. as they get closer and hwayoung manages to voice out about the reporters always tailing after her, aryeon becomes a close ally. a distress message from hwayoung and aryeon comes along with her best friend to help hwayoung escape. and as she runs away with aryeon pulling her to a safe spot, she thanks the heavens for giving her someone she can finally call a friend

name // relation // age // faceclaim // interactions
section four!
is my love out there?
full name:  here
age & birthdate: here
hometown: here
faceclaim: here
ethnicity: here



❝ quote:
section five!
i'm writing my own story.
story direction.
really would like to see hwayoung get more confident in herself again and start to open up to others. she's so scared of even stepping out of the house because of the amount of times people recognize her. by starting to live with other people, maybe she can re-learn to socialize and trust again. perhaps by building friendships, she can even find the strength to finally face her father properly. 
scene suggestions/ comments.
- okay so! her father had no idea that he had a kid because mom didn't tell him when they had split up. mom and dad dated, they broke up, dad moved abroad for business reasons, mom found out she was pregnant and decided to keep the baby out of the dad's life.
- is her dad interested in her life? yes! surprise, he's actually a nice guy :') he's not rushing or pressuring her to accept him into her life but does want to be a father figure to her in some way
-   the housemates banding together weird plans whenever the media tries to figure out where she's living
-  someone finding out about her bowling as a stress reliever habit and it becomes a monthly/weekly thing where they all go and bowl at night. loser has to pay for snacks the next time they go out whoop whoop!
- lmao i did think of making a l/i for her but after some thinking, i think hwayoung's not ready yet to open up for a relatonship! 
hwayoung's a jumpy person so watching scary movies isn't something she enjoys doing alone. with other people, she'll probably sit close to whoever she's comfortable most within the group. eyes glued to the screen, her hands will instictively move to hold the person next to her when she feels a jumpscare coming up. by the end of the movie, she's probably squeezing the life out of the other person's arm.
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