Freaking Pathetic


-Freaking Pathetic


      's done after that nerve wracking confession. It was all done now.Sighed , I felt sick somehow because it's the first time I confessed my true preference to someone. And that someone was not just someone I can treated.That someone was the girl I like so much.


I felt like I wanna hide, it's like I lose something big part of me?


I don't 0 know what came to me, I decided to not confessed right? But I can't take it anymore it's been long.My feelings for her had been suppressed for too long.Maybe that's why my stubborn head and heart decided to confessed.


But look at the result..... I lost her now


It's not that I'm expecting that result would be turned out good. But maybe blame me for expecting a little.


And now I'm in a situation where I expect again and left disappointed but with a broken heart now.


I'm really pathetic and naïve to even think that maybe we can still be friends even after I confessed to her.


But you know what I'm still proud at myself. You know it's not everyday I'll do that brave move heck even in my dying moments.


She's the only person that I became that brave.So even though I left with broken heart at least once in a while I grew a backbone.


I became brave.


Hey! I'm a big introvert here and a coward you know.Doing that nerve wracking and brave move was not really my cup of tea.


So all in all I'm left with fifty-fifty situation.


Fifty , left satisfied but fifty left with a broken heart.


Aish...I really don't know what to do.So help? Kekeke :)


P.s. Hey J! Wherever you are just always remember that I'm always here for you.Even though I know you might despised my existence. But please just let me care for you even in a far.


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Its always better to try than not trying at all. If you try at least you still have hope and chances that she'l accept. But if you didnt , you werent even know if you had chance. At least even if she rejects , you know rather than wasting your time and keep wondering about it... So thumbs up for trying :) all the best to you