High School

So I started high school recently. I love the school and it's pretty fun and interesting. But I don't have any friends yet. I entered the school with my best friend, but we don't have any classes together. And there's this other girl I used to go to middle school with, I have two classes with her. It's almost Friday, the first week of school is coming to an end. Should I have friends by now? Be honest please. Is it bad that I don't talk to many people? And my best friend has lots of friends already. She's a social butterfly. I'm worried she's going to forget me eventually. I'm worried more than I should be I think. I eat lunch alone, I don't walk to class with anyone. Ugh I hate that. I'm bad at talking to people and am socially awkward. The people who I do talk to, very little though, we have different lunches. Any tips? Advice? Anyone please lol  


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i went to a high school that none of my middle school friends went to. i was pretty much alone. i went through depression. i started making friends from expressing my interests. i had clear plastic folders which i carried around. i printed out photos of my favorite groups and placed it in the folder. since it is clear, everyone can see. i met a kpop fan. she had a group of friends who werent kpop fans but just a great bunch of people. i started hanging with them. you can get close through games (poker) and going out to eat after school. i also got close with people from my classes after working together in class and etc. after that, i started to kinda host this chinese food thing. i invite a lot of people to come to a chinese place. once i had around 14 people come. we eat and talk.
my tip for you is: the best way to make friends is sharing something in common. friends talk and you need a topic. sometimes, it may be school. sometimes, hobbies. so having something in common is very important. btw, it takes time so dont worry.
Hey random person who happened to stumble on your blog here. Are you a freshman right now? I'm going to be a sophomore so I think I can help.
I'm actually having the same situation here and in middle school. This year of high school, my cousin told me to hangout with her and her friends. But, I'm 100% sure that I won't probably get along with them. And I'm sure my cousin will slowly forget me too (since she has her boyfriend with her). So lets not give up and FIGHTING!! People like 'us' who don't talk or isn't good at socializing should make more friends, right? We won't even bite them. Fighting chingu! Hopefully you make more friends. And wish me luck on my first year of highschool in my life. LOL ^_^