High School

So I started high school recently. I love the school and it's pretty fun and interesting. But I don't have any friends yet. I entered the school with my best friend, but we don't have any classes together. And there's this other girl I used to go to middle school with, I have two classes with her. It's almost Friday, the first week of school is coming to an end. Should I have friends by now? Be honest please. Is it bad that I don't talk to many people? And my best friend has lots of friends already. She's a social butterfly. I'm worried she's going to forget me eventually. I'm worried more than I should be I think. I eat lunch alone, I don't walk to class with anyone. Ugh I hate that. I'm bad at talking to people and am socially awkward. The people who I do talk to, very little though, we have different lunches. Any tips? Advice? Anyone please lol  

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