First Day of High School

I started high school yesterday, and this is a basic log of what has happened to me in my (not so) wonderful adventure through the realm of teenager-dom. 

Honestly nothing note-worthy occurred in the first day, besides by how freaking huge the school is. It takes up an entire street block, and it has multiple buildings, as well as a large collection of portables. I have classes all over the school, so I'm thankful for the seven minute passing period. All my classes were in varying degrees of boring (but hey, my English teacher looks like Will Ferrel, minus the hair), and I have some friends in some of them. 

I have realized I might be the most knowledgeable in my geometry class, as absolutely no one there knew what a 'plane' or 'ray' or even 'line segment' was. And half of them were sophomores and juniors! I hope I'm not going to be the only one in class that can answer questions. 

Art class might be the most interesting, as when I walked in I heard "AND I COULDN'T BELIEVE HIS HAIR COULD HAVE GOTTEN ANY MORE HOMOUAL!" from a sophomore. Nice way to start out the class, huh? To make things even more interesting, I sit next to a stoner that smells like a combination of nachos, B.O and weed. I have absolutely no clue what his name is, as he is almost completely unintelligible, and I think he might have been hitting me with his skateboard. He needs to shave too, the whole neckbeard plus scraggly mustache thing is really not going for him. Wish me luck y'all, cause I'm really going to need it to keep me from stabbing this dude with pencils. 


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LOL XD they don't know what a line segment is?
I wish you luck with Will Ferrell and the stoner dude who won't shave himself.
While you were having that awesome first day of high school i was at Ghost B.C's concert :D
good luck, honey. :)
Sounds like a pretty eventful day. I don't start school until the 2nd (of September obvs), but I'll be honest, your school sounds more entertaining than mine (but I've been going to it for three years soon enough)...though that might have to do with me going to a catholic school where people are more secretive about things and can get in trouble easier.
I'm sure during my art class, there will be mixed feelings about the teacher (long story short, she left for a year, and now that she's back, no one wants to be in her class), but nothing as crazy as someone yelling about a person with homoual hair (like what???).
Good luck for the rest of the year though~
to come think of it, I don't remember my first day at high school at all lol and that was like 2 years ago
but I do remember I had a very bad freshman year
if anything I concluded out of high school, it's to stay miles away from trouble lol I had been into a lot although I'm used to be known to be the quiet peaceful one lol
but hey, GOOD LUCK!! hope that weirdo will consider shaving and showering more often in the near future! :D
Good Luck. I went through my first day of school and yeah it was like sooo big!! dont worry you will remember thw whole school in like a week
i will read this after im in class
Good luck. You'll have come across plenty of people who are shank worthy before you graduate.