Highschool Drama


So there is this girl , let's call her Mai who moved to my school this senior year. Me and my friends all knew her in middle school and so we caught on pretty quick. One after school she was hugging this guy and was patting his bc they were messing around like friends. And basically the boy's gf was jealous and to make it even worse he made up lies about Mai and created a bigger problem.

The gf posts things abt how she should get her hands off her man etc. And also mai also already have a bf so what's the big deal. 

Fast forward recently " my friend group" plus Mai  were talking abt how the gf asked her to meet up and talk it out. Turns out she wasn't there at lunch and was outside sitting down in a corner by herself. One friend brought up this incident from last year abt how the gf never even paid her back for these bts photocards. And so she used that as an excuse to go and talk to the gf. But before she went she asked Mai to go with her and then Mai asked my friend the one I'm closest to to go with them. But what made it so stupid was that before they left the one who wanted the money made a "joke" and said "hehe let's go bully her" 

I looked at my friend with the 'WTF face bc honestly I thought she was better than this. She ignored me and left with them laughing and thinking that this is a joke. Later i saw the gf crying to herself.

After that I texted my good friend saying that what she did was wrong. And she thought that the gf said something to me so that I take her side like no I heard this all from you. And when I thought I was only texting her turns out she gave the phone to Mai.  And that's not all she even let her text back to me. Like are en kidding me. Who are You?

That night the one who got her money slid into my dm and talked abt the situation and how SHE was disappointed in me for pointing fingers at my best friend when I didn't even the what happend. I was like Umm the reason I told her what I felt was because she IS my best friend you know what I mean. I am suppose to tell her to stop when I see her doing something stupid, right? And basically I said but it's whatever you know I drop this topic already and hope you and the girls with bf problems figure things out.

And I thought it was going to end like that but the next morning I asked my friend if she is mad she said no. Then I asked if she told the one with money about what I said and she said yeah. And I just looked at her like are you serious And she walked away from me. 

I told one of my good friend abt what happend and turns out she was very mad at the one with money for even talking and saying those things to me when she said she wasn't involved in this. My good friend,Gg was actually thinking like me and I was like finally I feel like I'm not crazy. 

Later that day Gg had class with both the one with money and the friend. And she was explaining to her one friend about how I was upset abt this whole problem and and the money girl overheard and put herself in and was yelling how that's not how it went and then they were screaming at each other. 


And so now the problem is getting even bigger for no en reason and I always I have to remind myself of how this even started.  How I was ever part of this. And how did I ever think she was my friend.


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